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We live ‘specified’ within ‘unspecified’. We can ignore this – conflict. Or embrace it – no conflict.

Any mention on this site of God, Allah, One True Creator , 11 or the Other One (or similar) is inadvertently and sometimes advertently referring to the immaterial world of …

pure wisdom and total awareness

… it does not perceive, it is. It does not know existence. It is in every smallest place and throughout every largest place. It is everywhere and nowhere, at once.

We can experience wisdom as we are within it and it runs through us. We are all everything within nothing. Our magical perception world of specificity delivers specifics but ignores the true nature. A hierarchy exists in our world of specificity that exploits the hierarchy itself and all of it’s parts. This equals perception with conflict. When we focus on one thing we miss everything else. If ‘nothing’ were to “not exist”, we would not have material things. We NEED nothing to exist perceptibly.


What is Duality? You are a (specific) Physical and also – a Non-Physical (non) Being of pure awareness and wisdom – our body examples this to us

Our Intellect advances to us that there is an opposing force always and that everything is moving even when it is still. Inside our bodies there are extremes of PH in regards to your alkalinity or acidity. Alkaline stay in form and are constant. Acids change form and are temporary. All recognize the opposing electrical polarities in living things. Opposing but collaborating.

We Walk As Duals

We are traumatized in early childhood to primarily focus on material and ‘seen’ things. This leads to things revered turn into things referenced. Truth be told, we are two beings. The physical seen one we know and identify with. And the unseen total wisdom that is everywhere and nowhere, at once.

Everything is dualistic. Even Dark Matter and the Secret of the Heart – which are both unseen or measurable, appear to be responsible for everything that is. This place of Nothingness, pure Wisdom and Total Awareness.

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