luciS-SiCull ~ Yup, Lucis is a Cycle

luciS-SiCull ~ Yup, Lucis is a Cycle

Face the truth. You could have been dead, a million times already. Instead of dead, we find ourselves inside our bodies, the miracle of all miracles.

Who is Lucis Trust/Trumpian/Flynnie

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Not a joke. There are serious people on the move everywhere and everyday. The Lucis folksies want the best for Humanity, they say. But they play in the same circus ring with demons so who are they kidding really. Both sides being eternal, there can be no ‘victory’ inside the ring. Only more of the same. A cycle or a sicull.

The performers know this. You are the one ‘out of the loop’. All the parts of the performance you are viewing – are actually a development of your thoughts, feelings and actions. The more we run from this – the more it appears to be ‘chasing’ us. It is a challenge. A challenge to a person, regardless if they take notice or action.

Face the truth. You could have been dead, a million times already. Instead of dead, we find ourselves inside our bodies, the miracle of all miracles. With full creative power and control over our thoughts. Are we overlooking that? This idea can potentially prove to you that each person is a Child of the Creator and more specifically, within the Earth Game-Realm – we are the Prize, the Reason and the Law. There is no doubt unless manufactured within the individual.

There are two games, the one inside your body-Earth and the real you that moves without a body. We are playing both simultaneously here. All activity here and every person or group wants the details on this as we have journeyed far into Density-Creation and have invented plethoras’ of entangled management systems and special interests along the way.

Feeling Challenged Yet

We have become quite adept at fiction. Making some, eating some, becoming fictional ourselves. You might say, we are experts at fiction to the point of being lost in it. But our true essemce and knowledge can never be lost. We are failsafe eternal children of the Creator. Each personified in our own unique way.

All powers are inside your Heart and Mind. Once engaged you become far too self knowing for any worldly special interest to have any influence on you. You will come to learn, the world you see with your eyes is smaller than an atom. All the treasures of God and Heaven are living with

you now, inside your Heart if — you just look at it. Ask RX Baer

Entertainment-Entrainment Below

A Few Symbol Associations to Ponder

Reason for Creation with plato revised

My early theory shown in the matroyshka russian dolls: simultaneous, self fulfilling, self powered, centripetal and centrifugal forces toward a production of 1 to 11 (one to two ones) Nothing-Something-Sum/Production.

1 to 11 (one to two ones)

I AniMate Magic —–I A M —– I AniMate – I AM

I –God-Man-Eye-arc of Cov-Heart Energy

A- Earth-Aether-Action(impetus-driving force-god emotion)

M – the production, the infrastructure, creation results

HA – Heart & Arc of Covenant (base of brain creation mechanism)

HE – Heart of Earth

How We Get Ugly

When we overeat and get fat we see ourselves in the mirror and we feel we look ugly and compare with images and opinions we see in daily life and media.

After a time our sense of ugliness appears in the expression in our face and we literally get confirmed by others from the way their muscles in their face and eyes react to them. And when they turn away or make rude comments or mistreat in some other way. With our collaboration of entering the presence of others with a sense of “I am ugly” – we broadcast that sense to others and they typically respond in kind.

We then get validated, personally that “I am ugly”, not realizing that it was a team production or collaboration that we actually were the driving force or impetus of. We caused the effect. We have now proven to ourselves after reading these words that we in fact can have advance action on this issue and completely flip it the other way!

IE< we prepare ahead to meet others by making our appearance and attitude toward life, others and ourselves, “the best it can be”. We decide to take control of what is going to happen when we get in front of others by taking a “serious” interest in ourselves and our outcomes. As in, we are in complete control of our outcomes – as it turns out!

Mystery Mastery My Story

This ugly story was about me except my issue was I scowled at people from previously unresolved conflicts of abandonment and mistreatment and confusion on the “say one thing and do another” world I was entering.

Not my fault I was damaged as a young child. But as a new person/young adult being challenged to co-exist and possibly be fruitful in a canabalistic and “destroy the weak” money/political system and a general me/me attitude across the populace. Well, there are various parts to the world and relationships that have to be sorted.

Media, schools and memes are certainly not reliable. Driving yourself for money only brings temporary things. Finding love and purpose in a conflicted world is horrifying. The amount of lies and rudeness being shared has gone to a level to include secret horrors that are kept behind closed doors.

Life’s Challenge

Yes, the ‘universe’ we are presented is quite expansive – and limited at once. A true quandry and – AN OBVIOUS CHALLENGE. A challenge of all challenges. Born as a super god being into a conflicted world with untold powers built into your brain and heart. Your job: Find your powers, purpose and proceed!

Back to my scowling as a young man, then a young man, then a man, then a middle man and now an older man. My scowling is gone but the lines from a lifetime of scowling will take time to recede. My new smile and happy and peace muscles in my face are getting all the exercise they need today.

Check our Compass

Is there a compass and clock inside the human experience and physical/spiritual body. Yes, there are both. The clock is our natural and matched to the Earth Life Support infrastructure.

Our clock determines where we land as a newborn and who the people around us will be. And our natural functions which is affected by our choices and our environment and guidance.

The clock ticks one second at a time. On a linear path with past, present and future included. It is a way for us as eternal beings, to live a linear experience with events unfolding in front of us and behind us and merging into the present.

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