What is a Cult Culture

What is a Cult Culture

We as a social and communal people unabashedly – almost as curious children strive forward in exploration. With the prize of finding the newly explored held higher than most motives. It is our ultimate motive. As a world people we share this aspect.

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Cults Everywhere

A cult is a group who has ‘narrowed’ themselves into a specific interest or in some cases activism. If they get noticed for being ‘different’ they are called a cult. But in fact, all of our groups are cults or a ‘narrowing’ of our interest ot activism.

all words become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It doesn’t matter if this is internal dialogue or verbal expression. Your words matter than you probably give them credence for. That said, it is time to meditate on the most auspicious and optimistic diction of your heart and soul.

We as a social and communal people unabashedly – almost as curious children strive forward in exploration. With the prize of finding the newly explored held higher than most motives. It is our ultimate motive. As a world people we share this aspect. The word cult as an acronym is Children w ULTimate motives. The ULT means Ultimate.

Within our world people we form cultures. Within these cultures we again unabashedly explore and strive. We see the different sexes, ages, level of maturity, expertise and experience in this endeavor or that. Out of all these sights and experiences we land in groups that sometimes get called cults according to who noticed them. In fact, all groups of people large and small are cults.

In a human life we see cult twice as an acronym. One in Adult and it means Add Ultimate motive. Second in the Child size with the word Cult meaning Child w Ultimate Motive. All people are – within their own being, self contained cults of A.D.U.L.T. and C.U.L.T. combined. As is the world.

We have, over time, parsed ourselves so much, we can now call ourselves parsons and we would be correct. The names of groups are divided from sex, race, education, finances, philosophy, willingness to participate. Out of these top level categories – many, many cults are formed, some large, some small, some powerful, some not.

Many cults appear in the world as we all parse it in our own ways and with groups. Even cults/groups of eugenicists appear as seen today in every institution and the GG’s appearing in 1980 0n mar22.

Now the eugenics clubs intend to parse the entire population and appears they are successful. In a bit, there will be many less cults.

Time to pick from below. Full control over all your outcomes and complete release and freedom from harmful cults who assume positions of power in your Mind. All secrets revealed after below two pictures.

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Repetition & Hypnosis

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Did you know that I AM is considered the strongest two words in the English language? Really in any language, the equivalent of I AM is powerful beyond measure. Consequently, it is one of those words that become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To be honest, all words become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It doesn’t matter if this is internal dialogue or verbal expression. Your words matter than you probably give them credence for. That said, it is time to meditate on the most auspicious and optimistic diction of your heart and soul.

And the reason why I say heart and soul is because emotions are what manifest thoughts more incisively.

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Yes, everything you say after I AM becomes your reality, but emotions accelerate the process. It brings you into the vibrational frequency of what you are trying to align with.

So, repetition is quite similar to meditate because, well, it requires to repeat.

If you repeat the following positive affirmations to the same effect, you are going to notice an improvement in all spheres of your life:

  • I am more attractive every day in every way.
  • I am a powerful, infinite co-creator.


  • I am living a happy, fulfilled, and prosperous life.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that everything I touch turns to gold.


  • I am worthy, divine, complete, and whole.
  • I am stepping into full alignment with my Higher Self.

Additionally, I would recommend trying some affirmations during your meditation. This could be guided or self-orientated. You can also say this in your head or speak it off the cusp of your lips.

In the end, this is the first secret to unlocking the power of repetition!

Hypnosis #1: Theta

These encompass the first seven or so years of your life. Yes, there is a reason why they say give me a boy and I can tell you what type of man he is. Of course, this could apply to girls or any other gender identity. The message is nonetheless the same: the values you were indoctrinated with are the programs you were left to emit.

In other words, if you were taught that life is a struggle, that’s the reality you are going to attract. However, on the flip side, if your environment was rich with opportunity, success, and a positive mentality, you are going to effortlessly attract a similar reality. As you can see, your brain is a sponge. There is nothing to be conscious of when you are in the theta state.

Between those formative years, there is no mature, cognitive way to filter out all the external stimuli your subconscious mind is processing. It just absorbs. Afterward, those transmissions emit and affect every facet of your reality.

So, take a moment to reflect on all the times you were called, “stupid,” “worthless,” “unintelligent,” and/or “not strong enough.” Whatever the negative dialogue, impressions, or energies might have been.

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However you feel, that’s okay. If you were left defenseless or hopeless, it is perfectly normal for this to resurface.

All of these subconscious limiting beliefs are lies. That hasn’t changed.

On the bright side, your story doesn’t just end at age seven. It is a matter of becoming cognizant of your subconscious beliefs. Money, love, relationships, career success, etc.

Overall, the greatest irony here is that you don’t need hypnosis to be given to you. You are hypnosis.

The time is now to reject what has been holding you back.

Repetition #2: Changing the Narrative

As long as there is breath in your lungs, you can still make amends. Every second of every minute is an opportunity to be much-improved. But first, you must identify what you need to do less of. Essentially, this is crucial to know what to do more of to proceed with this enhanced reality.

Interestingly enough, we oftentimes feel hopeless and helpless by situations that are out of our control. On top of this, the more we try to control something, the more out of control we feel. Thus, the struggle is less about control and more about being in control despite the inner turmoil.

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It is imperative to focus on all the things that could go right in your life. Because of this, changing the narrative is a necessary step in realizing you are the calm, the light, and the joy to say the least. This is an unconditional state of being.

As a result, it is never too late to build a foundation on rocks. The sand is the condition circumstances we waste most of our energy on.

Furthermore, meditating on miracles is paramount to the narrative changing. You have to keep being what you want. Plus, you have everything you want. You just have to change the dialogue, action, and scene description of your script.

Nobody can change the narrative as you can!

Hypnosis #2: The Power of Repetition

Indeed, the more you do something, the more you demonstrate it in your everyday reality. However, this is where hypnosis and repetition have a cross-over. It is a matter of practicing the object religiously. Sure, you don’t have to be religious. But, if you want to change the narrative you’ve been telling yourself for weeks, months, years, or possibly decades, just know that Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day.

Because of this, you have to keep doing what you are trying to attract. In the end, the goal is to end up being what you keep repeating. The good, if not great, the news is that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination. The line, honestly speaking, gets blurrier from there.


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You can transform your reality from head to tail just by implementing one statement at least once a day. The more your repeat a statement — again, internally or out loud — the more your reality is going to reflect this. And, if you ever have a hard time believing what you are saying, you could always ask someone to say this for you. It’s very similar to when a person asks you a question: you are the answer you’ve been waiting for.

In more ways than one, you are going to go from rags to riches when you repeat anything that is positive by nature. This could be titular meditation, positive affirmations, upbeat music, and, in general, a routine that brings out your best.

Long story short, your lifestyle has to match your desires. You have to keep repeating what works and just do it.

Just be it.

To reiterate, the power lies not in how long but rather how often.

Repetition #3: Subconscious Focus

Similarly to breathing or meditation, the more you do something, the more it becomes second nature. The more you embody this. It like you are doing, ahem, being something that you don’t even have to think about. Instead of putting forth the conscious effort, you just let your new and improved subconscious focus speak for itself.

Yes, I am saying something to be deliberately vague. That’s because I cannot speak for you. Only the innermost you can do, and reflect, that.

So, just know that all your efforts are paying off. Your conscious mind only accounts for only five percent of your manifesting capabilities. But, like with driving, going to work, or paying bills, the more you do it, the more you exude it.

Why would it take effort to do something when it is already in the back of your head? When you have repeated it so much that your focus naturally gravitates towards its source?

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On the other hand, kudos to those who were equipped with helpful, positive beliefs at an early age. This program only continues to grow more thick and gray.

Nonetheless, no one can handle your challenges better than you can. If you want more money, love, wealth, or whatever the case may be, keep doing things that make you feel your best. Keep speaking life over yourself and just be it.

Don’t try to meditate on miracles; be it!

Hypnosis #3: Opening up the Veil

Without a doubt, we can agree that meditation and hypnosis are a route to accessing the theta state of being. It is an opportunity to see past the ego and create things that last. Most of us go our entire lives without being connected to our soul’s purpose. Some have no idea how to better embody this.

And with living in a society that is so capricious and cacophonous, it can be hard to hear from your inner ear. It’s elusive to drown out the noise and tune out the distractions. This is why meditation and hypnosis are so familiar to one another.


When you are trapped in the veil, you are suffering from an existential identity crisis. Funnily enough, it seems as though the existential crisis is when you wake up to this reality. This mind matrix that keeps you enslaved.

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Likewise, we tend to think that we are human beings having a spiritual experience when, in reality, it is the total opposite.

We are, as a collective, waking up to the reality that the veil of illusion is a real-life phenomenon.

And that’s what hypnosis is: opening your mind and, by extension, heart to earth-shattering truths beyond your wildest dreams.

Sometimes, all you need is an alternative perspective to enhance that of your own.

Thus, it is all about expansion. Expansion in the knowing that you were meant to be free and complete.

This is who you are!

Hypnosis is a form of meditation. The type of meditation that lifts the veil of illusion and suggests coming full circle.

Repetition #4: Fake it ‘Til You Make It

I know, this phrase gets a lot of flake. But there is a very precious reason why everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon. You can consider this group meditation, in a sense, as the collective strongly believe in this proverbial motto.

Plus, the stronger the collective belief, the stronger the belief among the collective.

Indeed, it is easier said than done, but the more we believe that miracles can happen every day, the more they can happy. There is thought, emotion, and action present in belief. It is a matter of knowing, while the odds might not seem probable, everything is possible.

If you have a goal that you are trying to achieve, act as if you’ve already achieved it. And who knows, maybe you already have. Perhaps it has already manifested in an alternate reality. Perhaps the time is inverted like in the 2020 Tenet movie.

There always remains a slither of hope that you have manifested your goals and desires. You just have to witness it. You have yet to see the fruits of your labor beared and harvested to the fullest.

However, what is not obvious is the irony behind the makeup of the phrase fake it ’til you make it.

The as-if principle has nothing to do with being fake. It has everything to do with repeating what you plan to make.

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Out of yourself, life, and your relationships within and around.

As a result, repeat to yourself what you want to manifest.

  • I am going to succeed in all my endeavors
  • I am a household name who promotes the utmost value to society.

And whenever you have doubts, pull out your list. Have faith in the fact that you are wonderful, blessed, and great.

Meditate on being all that you seek… just wing it off the top of your head! Say it loud and proud!

To fake it ’til you make it is to keep being what you aim to make.

Hypnosis and Repetition is the Face of Meditation

In conclusion, it a matter of taking the mask off the windows to your soul. Now is not the time to put your blinders on. Matter of factly, the time is always now to get to the face of the matter to see what your blind spots are. This is how you change the narrative, reclaim your power, and repeat your new same!

The power lies in your hands. First and foremost, the power lies in your head. As Bob Proctor once said, if you can see the image in your head, you can hold it in your hand.

But luckily for you, you don’t even have to try. You just have to be.

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Additionally, one perk of meditation is allowing the sensations, images, and feelings to flow to you. When you tap into the infinite, albeit non-material source of wealth and abundance dwelling within, your soul knows how to reprieve your greatest fears, concerns, or worries.

Above all, the most empowering revelation is that you are the face of hypnosis and repetition and most importantly meditation. Thus, it is just a matter of reigniting the flame within and passing the torch to your ordained reality.

In a reality in which you are where and who you are meant to be…

I hope that this article helped you understand how hypnosis and repetition and attributed to meditation. Feel free to subscribe to the email list, share my content, and leave a comment detailing your experiences.

The more people meditating on miracles, the merrier!

Aren’t you such a mesmerizing secret, dear truth seeker?



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  1. Michael says:
  2. There is a lot of good personal forward-thinking information here. I have never thought much about the subject but will look into it as personal self-help awareness. I do agree that “I AM” is some of the most powerful words ever spoken.
  3. Many positivities went into this article. Hypnosis and repetition are subjects I have never spent time thinking about. Thanks for sharing. 
    1. Elijah says:I am happy to help and be of positive service. You are welcome 
  4. electricalengineeringblog says: I read your article and it seems very helpful especially the meditation part, as we live in a difficult season regarding the global economy and the coronavirus, I thought your article is very helpful especially in meditation because from my opinion in the stressful and not secures that we feel in this days that we live we all need meditation. Keep it up I love it.
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    2. Thank you for your helpful response!
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  5. Diane S says:
  6. This is a very unique article.  Hypnosis and meditation really take you deep into the inner soul.   How often should someone do hypnosis with a license therapist.  Is there any particular occasion a person should or should not do hypnosis? When hypnosis is being done is this where the person is in a Theta state.   I am afraid of swimming; will hypnosis help me overcome fear of the water?  I have no problem of who I am and where I come from, I am proud to said that I love myself always have and always will.  This is my reality.  I agree with your statement that some people are taught that life is a struggle or what their reason may be but in reality, this struggle and thinking of the mind can be changed to Reality.  The people, the environment that sounds you plays a big part on your opportunity.  There are many people, cultures, belief’s, and everyone may feel and think differently on subjects and matters.  I feel meditation is absolutely great for peace of mind, in fact I feel it is healthy for the mind.  We the people need to relax the mind. Focus and let go, our mind needs to rest to. Not only our mind but Expansion allows you spirt be free and you will feel a whole lot better.  Trapped underneath the veil maybe it’s time to take it off.  You know who you are, your identity do you really have an identity crisis?  Repeat to yourself and ask the question.  This topic and discussion give me a lot to think about for myself.  This is an exceptional topic to discuss and talk about.  I enjoyed the entire article.  Every person reading this article will probably feel the way I feel it’s a very powerful article, and people always like to improve their inner thoughts as they call soul searching.
  7. Thank you for this amazing article and thanks for sharing.
    1. Elijah says:
    2. I am not a licensed therapist so I do not have the credentials to authorize what works best for you and your unique life’s circumstance(s) — FULL DISCLAIMER. However, I would advise you to disclose this intimate information with a trusted, well-approved licensed therapist. That said, you can and will overcome anything.
    3. Not necessarily everything but with time the power of the subconscious mind will pie squarely in your hand. Yes, when you address the subconscious reason(s) why you feel water, you will be able to swim with weightless shoulders. Sure, it is easier said than done, but with time, effort, persistence, and most important repetition, you are going to turn a frown upside down.
    4. I am happy for you; it takes exceptional willingness to take pride in who you are, where you come from, as well as expanding your mind to other cultures, beliefs, and habits.
    5. You’ve got all that it takes to succeed.
    6. Essentially, yes, I agree, you are what you repeat.
    7. Thank you so much for your abundant mentality and positive attitude.
  8. Jessie says: Thank you for this informative article!  I really enjoyed reading this because it dealt a lot with the mind, and one of my majors in college was psychology.  I believe you are correct when you say that we only use about five percent of our brain through consciousness.  The vast majority of our mind is within the unconscious.
    1. Elijah says: Thank you!
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