Only Two Emotions

2,123 synonyms exist for fear and many phrases. 1,199 antonyms. Love has a more equal balance, 1,798 synonyms and 872 opposites. Love opposites are no match to love synonyms, 2:1.

With all these ways to show and say and parse out feelings toward love and fear, it is easy to see why we forget we are only talking about love or fear. Ultimately fear is a perceived threat, potential of being rejected, death. These three cover all fears. Love is everything else. Fear is a spot, love is everything else.

Born to Love

We are born to love world (as we interpret it) as love beings and we only know love, no other emotion is known, we are prefect. We only know AH or the sound you make of the letter “A”. It is a pure love feeling going in and out in all directions. It is the reason people love babies so much. For a time, the child only knows reverence for the AH it feels and sees and is emanating. The child is a non stop Heart Magic machine for lack of a better term.

For a time, their are no words or references. There are no words or sounds to make associations with. No reference to fear. The child still only knows love and with zero word references. It will notice it’s name and certain sounds but not words. It mostly goes by touch and whenever it feels attention from another.

At the time of being a child, “attention” means someone is paying focus toward you. There is no fear associated to attention at this early age.

War of the Words

Until we enter the War of the Words, we only know attention as good. When the words come, we are shown relationships and associations. We are shown that everyone agrees on the words and meanings but many different interpretations are concluded by different persons or groups. This causes tension. We now come to understand that attention is a tense battle of ‘attention’ for ourselves.

This new understanding of the multiple meanings of attention go along with all the words which invariably have different meanings and interpretations. Basically, we have become two people – an “A” love being and a worldly and communal “Tension” being. We are now AH and Tension and we more understand attention. We now know Fear and Love and are about to learn tons of new words to make it horribly confusing in a sensual and money driven world. What is the Key? Speech and language, see next blog.

Living with fears not identified causes dissonance. Cognitive dissonance reveals itself, after a person cannot settle two conflicting ideas within – and the person goes on with the conflict. It creates a ‘face off’ within that is unavoidable. Blog link below:

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