Show me the Spin

Kisses and Hugs, that is the “X” and the “O”. X’s and O’s, we love them, love to get them and love to give them. We are Human Kind. Above all things, we are Human Kind!

We are so bad ass, our baseline comes directly from ‘the top’. We are Human Kind. We love nothing more than being needed and being treated kindly. It is our baseline.

The Kisses “X”

In 1897 Kristoffer In 1897 Kristoffer Nyrop wrote Kysset og dets historie (The Kiss and Its History; being a nineteenth-century Dane, he stuck to the reactionary habit of writing his works in Danish, but the book was translated into English almost immediately and is still available.) However no etymologic study was done.

  • Germanic languages called “kiss” a kuss– (the vowels might differ slightly) or a kukk-.
  • Hittite for “kiss” was kuwaszi, and it resembles Sanskrit ṡvaṡiti “to blow; snort” 
  • Greek kuneo “kiss,” in whose conjugation -s- appears with great regularity: the future was kuso and the aorist ekusa, earlier ekussa.

A common Indo-European word for “head” does not exist, and if there is no head, how does one kiss. Were the Atlanteans headless? It appears so, Hard to imagine, eh? But I digressed. Below are the metaphoric symbols for our three energies.

+ X O

  • The “plus sign” represents our Eternal NS and EW, no start or end.
  • X is actually spinning, it is set at stop uniquely for each person.
  • O is the containable and the uncontainable, at once.

The Plus sign, never varies from it’s position or direction as it intersects at the center of your Heart. There is no tool will ever have to measure this outside of observing and contemplation.

Each of us have these energy lines of Life/Creator force, running through us and making us alive and viable. It is your Impetus, or driving force. Each of are identical in this regard. All Humans.

It is true that a beast mental patient can be wearing a Human disguise. Pick the right lane and the right lane gage. Plus means, Perfect Lane 4 US.


“X” makes an “S” when it spins.

“X” overlays our + and can cause the + lines to become opaqued from an over focus on the spinning X It is an energy of the Mind that spins forever inside all persons. It carries all the possibilities of mental constructs and behavior. It also identifies uniquely, each person as a stationary “X”, stopped at a specific point and is representing your unique configuration.

Each of us has the capacity to see the X and + in people and ourselves.

The “X” is a picture of the antagonistic Life format of positive and negative, dark and light. The “X” when spinning resembles the spin of the Sun and a toroidal. It also changes shape when spinning and becomes an “S”. Our “S” is telling us this. Spiral! Spin baby!


The O is our idea of a container for bad behaving children. It is also a lesson in considering forever and eternal. It shows we are un-containables imagined into containers. It is a game for small children. Waking eternal beings from a long slumber into density is an effort, a struggle and a Perfect Goal.

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