We R Goldminers in ‘Sh*t World’

Challenge and calumny are tricky words, until you can clearly see the context)s). When I approach a challenge that is not challenging, I make quick work of it and proceed to find a more challenging challenge.

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gold statue at the temple of the emerald buddha in bangkok
You are Perfect in every way outside of ‘claiming’ it.

Sh*t Bodies and World made 4 Gold Mining

Old French chalonge “calumny, slander; demand, opposition,”

Challenge and calumny are tricky words, until you can clearly see the context(s). When I approach a challenge that is not challenging, I make quick work of it and proceed to find a more challenging challenge.

Our Earth, constructs, physical bodies, our mental thinking and our emotional state – are in a flux challenge at all times. We were born into an antagonistic powered world. The world and creation are antagonistically powered without conflict and with what we would consider – controlled chaos.

We have literally, produced and created ‘challenges’.

In our thinking, speaking, producing and relationships, we accept and allow challenges, continuously. This aids us in making our top challenge more hidden and at once, more challenging. To prove we love a challenge, behold:

early 14c., “something one can be accused of, a fault, blemish;” mid-14c., “false accusation, malicious charge; accusation of wrong-doing,” also “act of laying claim” (to something), from Anglo-French chalenge, Old French chalonge “calumny, slander; demand, opposition,” in legal use, “accusation, claim, dispute,” from Anglo-French chalengier, Old French chalongier “to accuse, to dispute” (see challenge (v.)). Accusatory connotations died out 17c. Meanings “an objection” in law, etc.; “a calling to fight” are from mid-15c. Meaning “difficult task” is from 1954.


c. 1200, “to rebuke,” from Old French chalongier “complain, protest; haggle, quibble,” from Vulgar Latin *calumniare “to accuse falsely,” from Latin calumniari “to accuse falsely, misrepresent, slander,” from calumnia “trickery” (see calumny).

From late 13c. as “to object to, take exception to;” c. 1300 as “to accuse,” especially “to accuse falsely,” also “to call to account;” late 14c. as “to call to fight.” Also used in Middle English with sense “claim, take to oneself.” Related: Challengedchallenging.


calumny (n.)

mid-15c., “false accusation, slander,” from Old French calomnie (15c.), from Latin calumnia “trickery, subterfuge, misrepresentation, malicious charge,” from calvi “to trick, deceive.”

PIE cognates include Greek kelein “to bewitch, cast a spell,” Gothic holon “to slander,” Old Norse hol “praise, flattery,” Old English hol “slander,” holian “to betray,” Old High German huolen “to deceive.” The whole group is perhaps from the same root as call (v.). A doublet of challenge.

Who Cast This Spell (challenge)

We are Gold miners searching for Gold from every Angle (angel). If the Gold was all in a pile and we could walk right up and take it – no challenge. Challenges are spell casting. We have no challenges as we are eternal Perfection. We self impose challenges to ‘have fun with it’ while we prove ourselves worthy – of the challenge.

One thing leads to another and we get what we got – mega numbers of challenges, descriptions and context or purpose. The word challenge and the life of a challenger is complex, indeed. Our main challenge is to find the Gold amongst all the sh*t we have made from playing with endless challenges.

We, you and me, we cast these spells. We even employed babysitters to look after us while we ‘challenge ourselves’. We call them ‘they’ and other unkind words. ‘They’ are literally, our family members. A challenge in itself!

We R Now Challenged Caluminators

We have built a matrix of lies. These lies we create, we create to build challenges. We know exactly where the Gold is. We prefer to ‘play and learn’ on the way to it. We are Gold Miners. We work in a self-imposed Sh*t World we have constructed. We have developed the most awesome challenge, and we will claim our Reason and our Prize.

The Gold we are after is a full realization and remembrance of where we came from, who we are and what purpose we fulfill. A Gold miner feels this way, as that is what they do. They mine for Gold. We are driven by our Impetus.

A Golden Life is what we want. As shiny and Perfect and beautiful as one would ask. It is searchable across our experiences, our thoughts and feelings and our actions/outcomes. Everything a Gold Miner needs is provided, including the Gold.

You are Perfect in every way outside of ‘claiming’ it.

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