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Who is the Enemy?

Earth is ‘physical’ and a spiritual realm at once (Astral Plane). There are extra-earthly spirits/energies here and Earthbound ex-physical, dis-embodied spirits here. All of us plus the unnamed ones are at different levels of maturity. Earth is a proving ground and we are being proven, all of us physical and etherical.

Each Human has a physical body with thought/emotion interfaces to each other and The Original Immortals. These are the Universe Creators. We are fortunate to have experimentally developed bodies – an outcome of millennia of living and dying – while at the same time being authenticated Immortals. The Ultimate Challenge and Struggle.

Our Enemies are literally in every direction, coming at us and emanating from us. The way people regard each other today, you might say most people are enemies in the regard department.


When one single person shares in the struggles of another person, it lowers the “enemy” factors in that relationship. It also affects both or all parties involved relationships as kindness is contagious. There are many favors we could perform for others without being asked and will not cost us one penny, only time and consideration.

One single person could start a “movement” on their block to have all neighbors trade contact information and schedule a neighborhood meeting. This one exercise will reduce the “enemy” factors in your neighborhood and will bleed into many other neighborhoods. This single act can start a movement in your entire town.

Language and The “N”

The N is 3 parts, 2 straight lines or “II” and a backwards slash “\”. The slash makes a sliding board going down as sliding boards do. The symbol “N” also makes two arrows, up and then down. The “N” also makes a pulse sign or vibration sign.

The “N” demonstrates the conflict with an arrow up and down. Conflicts only happen when there is cognitive dissonance. That means when your Heart/Emotional thinking does not agree with your Rational thinking. To shield ourselves we create ‘go to’ responses when challenged. This resistance to Harmony creates conflicts, dis-regard of others and eventually – War.

The solution is to reverse engineer this.

Reversing Cognitive Dissonance

Ignorance invites cognitive dissonance and erases cognitive harmony. It tends to gift us misunderstanding, fear, complacency and deception. This is why considering the enemy’s vast deployment of hidden ordered agendas which range from an array of self realization and self-help seminars and numerous kids’ cartoons, to the world of adult and children’s literature and the secrets laced lineup offered by Hollywood as entertainment today, it is of critical to have a basic understanding of cognitive dissonance and the attractions of temporary things.

The solution is to reverse engineer this. Make everything even again, no conflicts, 50.50 for all.

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