A Series of Cannibal Corona Mass Ejections

‘Cannibal’ coronal mass ejection will hit Earth at nearly 2 million mph

Is Chaos Ordered

It has been determined by great Minds that chaos is indeed ordered but above our speculation. All things are ordered – what we can contain, and the uncontainable.

The Sun is Going Down!

Live Science has a nice report on the Big Corona Veerus Cannibal Mass Ejection Discharge viewable right here on Earth! Happening now. Points far south will be able to see the “Northern Lights”. The Sun Night Lights are coming down south.

Cannibal coronal mass ejections happen when fast-moving solar eruptions overtake earlier eruptions in the same region of space, sweeping up charged particles to form a giant, combined wavefront that triggers a powerful geomagnetic storm.

The “frenzy” of solar flares meant that “at least two full-halo [Earth striking] CMEs emerged from the chaos,” SpaceWeather.com wrote of the event. The second CME is expected to overtake and “cannibalize” the first before hitting Earth’s magnetic field at around 11 p.m. ET time on March 30.

Adults have ADD ULTerior Motives

Here is an excerpt on extra dimensionalism:

Among various extra dimensional models proposed over the last several decades, Randall–Sundrum (RS) warped extra dimensional model [8] earned a special attention since it can resolve the gauge hierarchy problem without introducing any intermediate scale (between Planck and TeV) in the theory. In RS model the interbrane separation (known as modulus or radion) is assumed to be ∼∼ Planck length and generates the required hierarchy between the branes. And here is a Mass Dimension formula:

I{0}[g,X]={\frac {T}{8\pi }}\int {M}d^{2}\xi {\sqrt {g}}g^{mn}\partial {m}x^{\mu }\partial {n}x^{\nu }G_{\mu \nu }(x)

Dimensions or “Di Mensch Ions”

  • Ions – ienai “go,” from PIE root *ei- “to go.” So called because ions move toward attraction.
  • Mensch – Human Being
  • Di — divide
  • Dimensions – divide human beings attractions
  • A tool of the Mind

Axioms in philosophy are not axioms until they are proved upon our pulses. [Keats, letter, (May 3) 3.5.1818] (PULSES: we only believe it to be true if we feel it to be true.)

DI (split) Mensch (human being) Ions (particles w electric charges)

Science is the divider and community is the unifier. We have let the dividers have too much influence in our game of antagonism. We now have gone from 4 dimensions to 11 to ‘X’Plane” the Earth and ourselves. Our ‘science’ Divide Teams have found bold new worlds in the oceans, sky, the Human Body and the greater Universe.

The latest is the Terrified Sun. Something is bothering our Sun and it is currently engaged in Corona Virus Cannibalistic Mass Ejections. Science is showing increases in Solar Radiation at the surface for over 30 years. The latest show of Ejections can be seen farther south into the Northern Hemisphere where the Aurora Borealis light show will be viewable.

These wonderful shows of terror that science and politicians bring us with their Court of Jesters – the Media, is directly correlated to our desire to contain uncontainable.

The Solution (Sol)

We prove this false desire by the way we treat each other. How many of the neighbors on your block or building do you share struggles with? Do you know as your family? Can you count on? Can count on you?

When neighborhoods, apartment buildings, households and couples look right at each other and declare “I need to be needed and I want to share your struggle.” All conflicts end and the Sun stops being terrible.

This is the solution to all conflicts. Will you help me share it?

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