Cue Anon – Christos SIMPLIFIED CrystL OS – “N” of World

Cue Anon – Christos SIMPLIFIED CrystL OS – “N” of World

Did you know everything we see and categorize elementally – is Crystalline in Nature? If you need your Christos in a hurry – Rebel speed course at bottom of page. (-:

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Still the Crying or Stall the Cry

Did you know everything we see and categorize elementally – is Crystalline in Nature? If you need your Christos in a hurry – Rebel speed course at bottom of page. (-:

Brutally honest here, crying or stop the crying is not so easy to identify or put into action. CRYING is one of our most fun ways to be Crystalline and STAY THERE! – Our Christ/Crystal world and bodies are an assembly, a grand assembly. As complex as problems are, solutions are equally as simple. But crystals are powerful! Your Will is matched to your Crystalline format Proceed to gain Diamond Like Clarity.

The Book of Mysteries posits that revelation, or apocalypse, not reason, is the key to wisdom. The book is authored by an unnamed teacher who claims revelation and is passing it in preparation for an End Time. Crystals make start times – and End Times.

Crystals make cool arrangements and mental constructs too! Check this one:
Is the Public, “Q” Anonymously?

‘MAMA’ Quan Yin in Sanskrit means “she who hears the cries of the people”. The spelling of her name varies including Kwan Yin, Quan Yin, Guanyin, Kwannon, Kannon, Kan’on, and Qanon. No matter the spelling, she is the goddess of compassion and unconditional love. She is accessible to that part of yourself that knows the truth.

My C(h)rystal OS

Crystals can make any mental or emotional construct and any physical manifestation. Crystals are the ultimate Creation tool! – When mixed with Human Will or Intention Based Actions. We made a Quan Yin / Q Anon in the past and we have made a New One for today also, Q Anon/Trumpian.

In many images Quan Yin is depicted carrying the pearls of illumination. Often Quan Yin is shown pouring a stream of healing water, the “Water of Life,” from a small vase.

You read that right, Mr. Trump/Q-anon may be rapping Mama Quan Yin!!

Or are we Willing it into Existence via our Crystal environment and C(h)rystal Creator ability — IS THAT How’d we do that!!!???

But How to Stop the Crying?

At his point in our experience – almost every story has many twists and turns to ‘challenge’ us advanced players. The crystal environment we have made – has learned to maintain itself by evading our investigations! Ah, the power of Christos! How do we see both sides again?


There are only two places to focus – Outward and Inward. It is always this way. One side Creates. One side is the Creation. WE, the Human Creators walking on Earth today – WE made this Creation in front of us. We made it to evolve and maintain and defend itself. (Includes Cyclical Cataclysms and Alien Interventions) — WE DID THIS! We Love a Challenge!

IT- The (Dramatic) Complex Creation in front of us, has evolved in drama and complexity over untold number of eras. However, Rebels are here, on Earth today, for a Reason. To show you that any complexity, no matter how complex – Carries an equivalent solution in Simplicity.

The more we focus on what we Created outwardly – the more it comes to life or animates in front of us.

The more we focus Inwardly – those treasures come to life (no anime). We face this Inner world we are charged with 24/7. We are quite aware it exists. We Love the Challenge.

Christ/Crystals can make a world – or break a world. Crystals can make you cry or laugh. Crystals are the mystery of my story. Everything we ‘Will’ – comes to life in Crystalline form, even Life forms! How’s we do that!!??

Simplified Christos, starts here. Everything we ‘see’ or think we see, is assembled in crystalline form. And everything – alive or dead – gives off a readable crystal energy signature that can be seen, measured and documented. How’d we do that!!??

Our bodies, it’s functions and it’s mysteries are all seen through a crystalline lens. Even our salt air we breathe from the world’s oceans come to our soft lungs as (Natrium) crystals. How’d we do that??

It is as if – we are energetic beings who can create environments – from Will – and display to ourselves in a crystalline and energetic format of assembly and ‘hierarchal rules’. Amazing! How’d we do that?

Review; Energetic Creator Beings, building worlds, scenarios and ‘developments’ from consequence. A grand game of creating and interplay, enroute to a Grand Production. Mixing it up, clarifying, repeat. A trinity of sequentiality – until it is not. Now, if you want Christos, it means you want to see ‘past’ the game into your origins. Behold:

Speedy Christos – 5 Minutes

The Brain links you to the Mind but most importantly it is the House of the Ark of the Covenant. Each person has this. It is a primary Creation Tool in your House of Many Tools.

The Brain is divided and acts as two Brains. One side is Logical/Rational, the other is colorful, emotional / heart-felt and spiritual. The Brain has trillions of functions to Create/Animate Reality in front of us, to make decisions and to operate the Human Body. None is stronger than your Hidden Will Partnership with your Original or Primal Self.

Your Will is determined by many factors but primarily by ‘What you Want’. You want Christos. You are about to get it.

The Brain and the Creation Tool it is, has a Partner. The Heart. This organ called the Heart is the most mysterious of any. It is the Home and Merchant of Christos. The Christos of the Heart will naturally migrate and merge with your Brain/Creation Tool when, in your Life, appears:

Cognitive Harmony 5 Min to Christos

Use your Intellect to uncover all there is to know about Cognitive Dissonance and Cognitive Harmony. Expect 90% redirection and mis-direction to lead you back to Cognitive Dissonance. As We have Created a Crystal World that can defend itself.

Cognitive Harmony means you are not holding conflicts between your Left and Right Brain. When your Actions and Intentions are validated by your Logical and Emotion/Spiritual Brains – the Brain relaxes and you feel Peace. This relaxing is matched to your new Actions, Intentions and overall Impetus to repair yourself and gain Christos.

The Christos has Intelligence, of course. It sees and recognizes your Intelligence, Intentions and Actions. ‘The Christos’ will migrate and merge to your Creation Area in your Brain. Peace and Fearlessness will overtake you and Clarity of Purpose revealed. Exactly what you wanted from Christos. Joy! — Need help with gaining Cognitive Harmony. Ask! Read us! Join the chats! TAKE ACTION!

next article – Map to Christos, the Crystal Paradigm

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