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Speech is Pierced with Good & Evil – Y?

The nose, the ears, the tongue, the skin and the eyes are all pierced with good and evil. We can experience good and evil on all fronts and senses. It is an experience of physicality greatly admired and intensely viewed by all Entities in our Universes. We are literal, lyrical Magician HEROES! Who would take on such a project? Only God Children could do that. We are literal, lyrical magicians in a kaleidoscope world.

the Tools of Literal Lyrical Magicians – Co-Creators of God

We have Physical bodies and a QI body of vital energy, driving force, Impetus. Qi Gong is a practice/exercise in China to literally – ring the bell of vital energy within.

Merriam defines QI (variation of CHI): vital energy that is held to animate the body internally and is of central importance in some Eastern systems of medical treatment (such as acupuncture) and of exercise or self-defense (such as tai chi)

CHI makes the word CHILD

To remember your Life as a Child is to remember a world full of CHI or QI, meaning vital Life energy. As a Child, you can literally feel it at your fingertips. That feeling and force never leaves us. It is all a matter of Focus.

A Few QI Acronyms of the World (to misdirect you)

QI (tv show 2002), Quality Improvement, Qualified Intermediary, Quotient Intellectuel (French), Quite Interesting (UK game show), Quality Indicators, Qualified Immunity (judicial doctrine), Quality Information, and so on

Two Worlds – CHIld and A Dolt, the Sevens

As we leave childhood at age 7, we start the world over – our world with another round of seven years. This evolvement to repeating loops of seven is a development of the Human Condition over many eras. From age 8 to 14 and again from 15 to 21 and once more at 22 to 28. Four equal rounds of 7 years to fully engage and prime us to view our world as the one and only world we have and will ever know. False.

Fact is, we have developed this repeating world together. To facilitate the dark exploration of a world that needed to be explored. Essentially, we are STAR dirty jobs workers, the right Hand of God. Bravo!

Once realized – that you have found yourself in a world of repeating loops – that is the first step – or a turn toward the right direction. Eventually you will fully claim all your rights, your true nature and your Purpose.


Your QI is calling you. Your Mon Key is fighting you. Your CHIld is calling. Your A Dolt is fighting you.

Your IQ is literally and magically pulling you toward the Truth and our Destiny as Children of God.


We each have Master tools at our disposal. Including Discernment. When you look at a symbol or hear a sound it carries codes to both worlds. Know you have Discernment as a gift inside you. Focus on the gift and ask yourself to access it. All things are granted when asked for. It is our Magic.

Below image is from Mr. MP3 on Discord.

Truth and Lies, always weaved to enhance the Challenge of a Child
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