My ZKN Berg vs Oculus & Meta-Verse – Pick a Version Mrs SignField (Dirty Human)

My ZKN Berg vs Oculus & Meta-Verse – Pick a Version Mrs SignField (Dirty Human)

Markie Mark – Will you Guide Me?

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Face the Book – Book the Face – Two Worlds

Face the Book could mean Face the Book. You know, the Book. Some call it the Book of Books. Some call it an AI construct. Either way, our dream is guiding us to “Face the Book”. It is said metaphorically and playfully as it has multiple meanings.

In 2016 you could read this: “Two Worlds of Facebook” – The Wall Street Journal has undertaken an experiment to show the stark contrast in news feeds for liberal-leaning users vs. conservative-leaning users. In “Red Feed, Blue Feed,” you can pick a topic and then see the kinds of articles that show up on a conservative’s timeline or a liberal’s timeline. The timelines are updated every hour. Markie Mark and AI 7 are a team. Always keep you guessing and them, NOT.

I believe my dream, has everything I need to Win, if I will it. All Treasure and Implements are contained within me for Creation and Destruction.

Kevin and Nina

What is the Book of Books

I have personally rectified these statements regarding the ‘open ended’ Book of Books. I claim the Book of Books is called the Bible but it sounds to me like “Buy Bull” and Bi Bull”. It also spells “Le Bib” in reverse. The bib? Like as in what babies use?

Pretty much everywhere language has exploded, there are multiple terms, definitions and associations with each word, sound, spelling and arrangement. Makes basic communication a challenge – until Pride and Envy are released. Until then, we get the best and worst of two worlds. ReElity and Actuality.

The AI Mind Focused Seven Loop World we are mesmerized by has many ‘see throughs’ if you know where to look. Although multiple digits can make countless variations – our Dream has gifted us a new format of Duality to help us find our way. All decisions can be made by allowing Harmony in your Emotional and Rational thinking. The left and right Brain. Two worlds for you inside – and only two worlds to choose outside.

1,2 – 1,2 – 1,2

We have been granted this 1,2 form at to bring us closer and sooner to our Completeness after a very long journey of Crosses and EX’s. (+ x)

Markie Mark – Will you Guide Me?

Myster MARKID ZuckieBorg is quite the Creature and looks a lot like many other Creatures that have come before, hmmm. He is no doubt a prime example of the ‘repeating loops’ world we are viewing. He is “the Archetype” of repeating cycles. It is so obvious it seems an obvious unfair advantage to us Children playing, but many have demonstrated we need such obvious clues, n’est pa? ~~~~ ~~~ MARKID IS ICE COLD!

Markid aka Markit, Marand is in Persia and is a village in Zolbin Rural DistrictYamchi DistrictMarand CountyEast Azerbaijan ProvinceIran.

Etymology of Mark Market and Marked

Market bazaar fair mart arcade

  1. A formally organized, sometimes monopolistic, system of trading in specified goods or effects. quotations ▼The stock market ceased to be monopolized by the paper-shuffling national stock exchanges with the advent of Internet markets.
  2. The sum total traded in a process of individuals trading for certain commodities

In Latin and Eccleisiastic – mercātus m (genitive mercātūs); 

tradetrafficbuying and selling marketmarketplace festival assemblagepublic feast

marked (comparative more markedsuperlative most marked)

  1. Having a visible or identifying mark.

MARK means ID, Lock-Up and Injure

From Middle English markmerkmerke, from Old English mearc (“mark, sign, line of division; standard; boundary, limit, term, border; defined area, district, province”), from Proto-West Germanic *marku, from Proto-Germanic *markō (“boundary; boundary marker”), from Proto-Indo-European *marǵ- (“edge, boundary, border”).

Markie Mark is a top level Prison Warden and Administrator but mostly he is a pretty face.

Is ZKR Caligula? Who is he? How many times has ZKR played his role? Back in 2017 he was up to installing Brain Implants “to harvest us better” when 5G is ready, link: The SUN on ZKR

RC Loves “I Slam” – Created it to Prove to us their Boss/AI7

Yup, the P-Ape kisses the KOE RAN below and one of his mates in the basement there has spilled the beans for us. The timing is Perfect, of course.

The Details of Ai are as Complex..

Are as complex as the solution is simple. We are in AI& World but we have built our own Dream within it called 1 2 World or 0/1 World. We are loving Duality as it makes our Choices so much easier! For the sake of satisfying an inquiring Mind and to put to bed the ‘organicness’ of our Simulation/Dream Life – we will provide more AI & Detail: (but prepare for a simple and complete conclusion!)

… “all things change but everything remains the same,” a look back into AI rise to power may provide important clues as to whether the Jesuits are representing AI 7, (no doubt). A testimony from a Jess You It whistleblower below mirrored from “How Catholics Created I Slam” Please read the full article and learn the truth. Below an excerpt from the exposé.

“They poisoned him and I am 100 per cent sure of that,” said the widow of the late high level Jesuit priest, Fr. Alberto Rivera, killed in the early 1990’s after defecting from Vatican treachery and trying to tell the truth about the real intentions and satanic practices of the Jesuit Order.

Fr. Rivera became a Jesuit priest, worked in the Vatican and eventually assigned the deceptive job of infiltrating U.S Christian churches with the intent to destroy Protestant pastors while controlling doctrine favorable to Rome.

“After my husband left the Church, found Jesus and decided to tell the world about Vatican deception, the Jesuits did everything to keep him quiet and discredit him,” said Ms. Rivera, who has been harassed, her life threatened and her house broken into on many occasions by Vatican agents in order to steal her husband’s documents and artifacts.

“Why would they do this if what Alberto preached and what I and saying, is not the truth,” added Rivera. “After Alberto was killed, they even came to me saying if I told them where he was buried that I would be taken care of for life. I, of course, refused because they wanted to take his body back to the Vatican because these men worship death, not life and the beauty of God.”

According to other researchers who have documented satanic rituals and worshipping taking place in the bowels and secret catacombs of the Vatican, Rivera’s bones were to be placed among the bones of many others throughout history who have tried to alert the world about Vatican and Jesuit secrets.

“I think people can see the truth once they see how they have tried to cover-up Alberto’s life and death,” added Rivera. “The Vatican hierarchy worships evil and the devil. They are in the midst of taking over America, infiltrating the governments and religions of the world in order to make everyone loyal to the Pope’s rule.

“Alberto tried to tell the world about their plans for America and how they were putting people in power who were loyal to the New World Order and the Pope and not to their own countries. Their evil knows no boundaries and when Alberto tried to alert people, they had him killed.

“I have always been open and honest about what happened to Alberto and the message he was trying to get out. I love America and it is difficult to see what is happening here.”

During the radio interview on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal on the Republic Broadcasting Network at, Rivera said she learned the Vatican intends to turn this country into a fascist state with the help of the Bush family and other traitors who have loyalty to the Pope, not the people in their countries. She added that the illegal immigration of millions of Mexicans and South American’s crossing the U.S. border is being assisted with Vatican money and support, knowing this provides a population easily manipulated by the false teachings of the Vatican hierarchy.

Further, the Vatican intends to use these millions of third world countries as a voting base to blindly follow the Pope and elect politicians “in bed with the New World Order.”

Like the murder of Abraham Lincoln and JFK, Vatican involvement with Fr. Rivera’s murder has been kept out of the mainstream news, indicating a total takeover of the media has been accomplished.

“It is only people in the alternative like you, Greg, who have the courage to fight these people because it is necessary to get out the truth,” said Rivera. “The truth is the only thing that sets you free and Americans need o identify the real enemy trying to steal their minds, bodies and souls.”

And as Rivera said, the Fr. Rivera story has been a well kept secret from mainstream America since it directly indicts the real evil-doers – The Vatican and Jesuit Order.

Although his story has been hidden, a recent article in the Arctic Beacon is printed below to give you a better idea of the Fr. Alberto Rivera story and the true evil hiding behind the cloak of the Catholic Church.

To begin this Sunday’s fourth Confession on the banks of the truth-filled body of water called Brushy Creek, it must be said that Fr. Rivera was a rare species, being a former Jesuit priest who decided to speak the truth about the “military order’ disguised as a group of God-loving disciples of Jesus.

Most other disillusioned Jesuits like Rivera have remained silent since they know double-crossing the Society of Jesus high command means sure death, especially if you’re someone who knew too much like Fr. Rivera.

What made Rivera dangerous to the Jesuits and probably led to his death, was Rivera’s sensitive and trusted position within the Order to infiltrate Protestant ministries and destroy them. Due to his sensitive work, he was given special Vatican clearance to the secret underground library catacombs where, according to Rivera, the true history of the world remains buried for the chosen few, who have sworn by blood oath, never to reveal the dark and sinister contents.

And after reading how the Catholic Church manipulated history in its drive to rule the world, one very fortunate day for mankind he decided to alert the world and place his faith in Christ alone while leaving behind the Jesuits and the Catholic Church.

Being released from his vows, Rivera then married, started his own ministry and tried until he died under suspicious circumstances in 1997, to spread the word of truth. For his actions, he instantly became a hated and hunted man by the Church, as he shockingly admitted “No Jesuit can leave the Order alive, if he knows the real truth and talks about it.”

And it appears his words rang true with his untimely 1997 death. But before Rivera died, he passed his message on in a very, very unique way – through a series of four colorful comic books – geared at reaching the masses by highlighting his important message in a nontraditional manner.

In his collection of full-color comic books carried by Chick Publications, entitled Alberto, Double-Cross, The Godfathers and The Force, Rivera tells his story, revealing how the Catholic Church helped start World Wars I and II, as well as revealing the Church’s place in Bible prophecy. His story also details how the Church was involved in the startup of Islam, later turning against the Pope in rebellion, as well as detailing how America’s present phony war on terror is basically “the Vatican’s Revenge.”

When Rivera first went public, Rome became extremely angered and called upon her ecumenical contacts to go on the attack, attacking him like they always do by attacking the messenger. The Vatican, not wanting to publicly discuss the serious charges leveled against the Jesuits and the hierarchy of the Church, decided to discredit him personally, hoping people would then discount his message. 

The most notable of these personal attacks was an open letter published in Christianity Today, copied and distributed around the world many times since the 1980s. However, after reading this attack, James Houston, who had read enough of history to believe Rivera’s charges, came forward in defense of Rivera with a detailed report.

Since the Christianity Today letter is still being distributed today, at the bottom of this Sunday confession are the links to the attack on Rivera and Houston’s lengthy response.

Germany and Hitler

Rivera learned many hidden truths about the Jesuits and the Vatican, but none were more important than the story behind Hitler’s rise to power.

Sounding strangely similar to what is happening to America, in 1923 Germany was in a downward spiral. The monetary system was teetering on the brink of disaster and the German people were sick and tired of war, similar to the majority of Americans today calling for the end of the Middle East conflict.

“The German people blamed the Kaiser for the whole thing and had him and his government thrown out of office,” writes Rivera in the comic he entitled The Godfathers.

“The communists were fighting to take over and the new government was very weak. Some men wanted the German people to run their government like they did in France and were attempting to make Germany a Republic. The Pope was outraged and with that the Republic was doomed to failure.

“Two things the Vatican despises are Protestantism and Democracy. The Jesuits were then called upon to stop this new Weimer Republic. Two men then destroyed it: One was Franz Von Papan and the other was Pacelli, who later become Pope Pius XII.”

Rivera then claims how he read in the secret Vatican how the stage was then set for Germany’s new Roman Catholic star, Adolf Hitler, as a Jesuit priest by the name of Fr. Staempfle actually wrote Mein Kampf, the book being the master plan of the Jesuits for Hitler’s takeover of Germany.

“Another great inquisition was about to begin,” said Rivera. “Instead of wearing Dominican robes, they were wearing Nazi uniforms. Hitler’s Brown Shirts, called Nazis, backed by the Vatican used the same tactic as Mussolini, beating and bullying all opposition into submission, including Roman Catholics. Bloody street battles between Roman Catholics who were Nazis and Roman Catholics who were communists took place. The prize being Germany.”

The symbol for this new inquisition was the Swastika, which of course was a Masonic symbol. According to Rivera’s research, Hitler was the Vatican’s choice, just like Lech Walesa in Poland and the new American neo-con regime.

With this powerful backing, Hitler was destined to triumph as his close associates all had one thing in common: They were all Roman Catholics and loyal to the Vatican and according to Rivera, “all had Jewish blood in their veins, including Pacelli, the man who later became Pope Pius XII. When it became known that Pope Pius XI supported Hitler, the Roman Catholic vote swept Hitler into power in 1933.”

The world now faced a terrible machine called the Third Reich, in which the Vatican became the master. History then forces the same question today: Is the Vatican now the master of the strange, fascist regime now controlling the White House, called the neo-cons?

Although Rivera is no longer with us to provide an answer, a statement by the publisher of his books revealed one of his startling predictions as well as laying groundwork for the present-day conflict in the Middle East, leading to World War III.

In 1985, ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera predicted that the Vatican would eventually apologize for its part in the German Holocaust, the inquisition, and the slaughter of Jews and Muslims during the Crusades. His prediction was based on secret briefings that he attended while a Jesuit in training.*

This prediction came true as Pope John Paul II publicly asked forgiveness for the sins of Roman Catholics through the ages. The pope and several other Vatican leaders conducted a “Day of Pardon Mass” at St. Peter’s Basilica.

To the Jews he said, “We are deeply saddened by the behavior of those who in the course of history have caused these children of yours to suffer, and asking your forgiveness we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood.”

In reference to the Inquisition, Cardinal Ratzinger (The New Pope) confessed, “Even men of the church, in the name of faith and morals, have sometimes used methods not in keeping with the Gospel.” The pope responded, “Have mercy on your sinful children.”

Some Jewish leaders were unimpressed. Israel’s chief rabbi, Meir Lau, said he was “deeply frustrated” by the pope’s failure to mention the Holocaust by name.

Leaders from several Jewish organizations have been pressing the Vatican to open its World War II archives to investigators. They claim that, at best, Vatican leaders and Pope Pius XII, remained silent during Hitler’s genocide against the Jews and others.

Of course, few are willing to present the whole truth, that Roman Catholic leaders, including the pope, were instrumental in Hitler’s rise to power and that Hitler was simply carrying out persecution against the Jews which the Vatican had fostered for centuries.**

Another reason for opening the archives is to determine what happened to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold stolen by the Nazis from Jews and other conquered nations. Much of it has been traced to Swiss banks who have made a token refund to Holocaust survivors.

But Dr. Rivera was told by the head of the Jesuit order, Cardinal Augustin Bea, that a special train flying Vatican flags was allowed through the Allied military lines. The Americans were told it was a “mercy train” carrying medical supplies. In reality it carried Nazi gold which was deposited in Vatican accounts in Swiss banks.*** In July, 1997, a documentary film crew discovered a US government document stating that the pro-Nazi Croatian Ustachis sent gold coins worth 250 million Swiss francs to the Vatican which was later used to finance the “rat line” of fleeing Nazi leaders to sanctuary in Spain and Argentina.

The Vatican denies this but still refuses to open its archives. In January of this year, Ukranian and Jewish concentration camp survivors filed a class action lawsuit in San Francisco, California against the Vatican Bank. The complaint calls for the Vatican Bank, the Fransciscan Order and other European banks to give an accounting of the Nazi Ustashi Gold and for restitution for the victims and their families.

The Real Story without the Lies Next

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