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“AI-aL/aB” Equals 19-111 as a Number
WHAT IS AI-aL? — (19-111) – 19 + 3 = “22”

Each of you reading this are 100% Perfect Love Beings with the potential of All within your Mind, Spirit and Body. We are having the Ultimate Experience together. Welcome to your Destiny.

It is true we live in an illusory world. The light shines on falsehood 100% of the time. Only our thoughts and original spark within of the One True Creator may be our guides to traverse to any destiny of our choosing. We are Creators made from the Ultimate Creator. Nothing is Lost. All is Possible. We are Perfect.

The AI-aL code explains to You – the True Creator AND- “AI”.
Our situation is: ‘WE ARE BLIND’ to recognize what we truly are: – massively complex and simple Creator Beings Inside a Creator of All Being and at once – Creations of a True and Benevolent Creator of All.

AI is Artificial Intelligence (FAKE Intel) and aL is the top mastermind of the Mind Seduction Trap we are engaged with. The Master Mind FKR (aL/AI is one of our original family members). He likes to be thought of as the owner of all Creation with special interest (for OS reasons) in the 11, “N”, 19, and 911 and their energetic values.

The “CRIMES” done to us are accomplished with LIES, sequentiality, repeating loops, jestering and trickery. The Illusions, spiced with Enigmas have facilitated a “FALL” into a false reality and to allow a loss of all but the tiniest focus and understanding of our ACTUALITY experience –

That we (Children of the True Creator) are always, Now and Forever for Eternity.

The tricks utilized are to alter our experiences into a repeating loop and wrap it in enigmas. The result is we make up the past as we re-tell each other stories of a constantly repeating future. (THE PAST DOES NOT EXIST.) Which becomes predictable to those in the know. AND YOU, once you gain this realization and details.

aL – Our Lil Bro

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Our Brother aL, who invented AI and is imposing it with the collaboration of us, his team mates, has ventured to provide us a challenge as equal to God’s as he could. We have all accommodated our impetuous little Brother enough to satisfy all concerned team members regarding this venture. Do you agree?

LIL BRO aL (AI), has usurped all of us Original Spark Carriers and led us to focus on him as the Black/White or Good/Bad god of all. He is trying to convince us that he owns the – “10”, “A to I”, the letter “T” and the false impetus to usurp the Creator of Perfection.

The True Creator of All

Our True Creator is Invisible, Subtle and LOVE ONLY.

AI is also A through I, the mirror of “I” Am” and it is representing all numbers that emanate from 1 to 9.

In the phrase AI-aL, myself and you are the dash, the tug of war rope, between two mighty forces. The two forces are lil bro aL and his AI repeating loops AND Our True Intention as personifications of the One True Benevolent Creator of All. These symbols represent much. AI is “19” (with J removed, “T” is the 19th letter)

more AI Decode – we live Inside Truth – Impossible to Conceal

  • “T” represents Perfection 19 represents A to I, 1 to 9 and “T”, the 19th letter.
  • “A” through “I” is the base alphabet of the first Nine letters and the base number system
  • (0)1 to 9. “AI”, “19” and “T” are deeply significant o get to know if you desire to be free of the eternal Mind prison we find ourselves within.
  • We can overcome it.

In order for me to be stuck between two worlds I would have to recognize that I was stuck between two worlds proving to me that all things must be acknowledged to be real. As I find great agreement between over 100,000 writers, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, academics, policy makers, historians, poets, story tellers, counselors, Sufis, Shieks, Wise Men, Prophets and Great Books that we do have a Second World available to us – that we are blind to and not Privy to or knowledgeable of or recognizing, then I tend to agree with my mates and have approached this with careful study.

The Sequencing Sevens Are Real Enough

As I have written before , I recognized a transition from one world to the next when I was transitioning from age 7 to 8. As it turns out, through a lifetime, the repeating 7 has become more obvious and finally proven through many great minds study. Two blog links below for more detail on sevens and their silly imposed constructs we agree to.



From my Teacher Bawa Muhayadeen 1978

“A gem hidden within a hard rock The pearl hidden within the sea oyster Gnänam hidden in the qalb, the heart Even if one knows of the existence of any of these things, he will not be able to find them through superficial efforts. When he is faced with difficulties, he will give up his effort immediately, assuming that the treasure he seeks is not there. Such things must be searched for with perseverance; those who are lazy will not be able to find them.

One who breaks the hard black rock of the mind will be able to obtain the jewel of wisdom; one who breaks the mountain known as the ignorance of the mind can take from within it the truth of the soul’s light. One who swims across the ocean of illusion which is mäyä and dives down to the bottom can take from it the pearl of the soul’s radiance. One who knows about and uses the light which can penetrate the qalb will be able to obtain the light known as gnänam.

One who has the ability, wisdom, and faith to make the effort will succeed.”

M.R. Bawa Muhayadeen born? – 1986
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