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..the more you try to be the greatest, the sooner you get to be the latest – failure, it is the AI way of self perpetuating, learn how to leave it behind… ai assassin Anyone? …

..the more you try to be the greatest, the sooner you get to be the latest – failure, it is the AI way of self perpetuating, learn how to leave it behind…

ai assassin
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  • I suggest we are engaging never ending replays/re-do’s of the future – to be rejected the same way the Past does not exist – DOES NOT EXIST.
  • Seek Nows for Eternal love and creation with ZERO War or Conflict.
  • In short order, the Past becomes – non-existent.
  • Can we use our ability to redo futures through Mind and Imagination – existent – yes, does exist!
  • Nows Are All There Is in Actuality – A Mirror to Reality
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SevenS? — ‘7’ Rules Your Life

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  • 3+3+Phoenix is “7” see top of page
  • MOON becomes “MN” or 12/13=25=”7″
  • E Scape the GOAT is what 7 does for us
  • Greatest Of All Time
  • Seven is the Last Number in 7 World
  • “33” is divided Man (Male/Female)
  • ‘L7’ is a Box – Adding to 18 or “S” – L and 7 are Twins
  • When you become “8” – you start over. And again every 7 years. It is built into our DNA to interface with our self imposed prison wardens. “Seven” rules the prison world we live in maintained by

Will We Collaborate or Lie Down “4AI” (14)4+1+9

I have noticed, although there are people in all directions – we have all new ways to appear engaged – actually looking directly at each other – and ‘talk past each other’ – is AI winning, shall we counter?

Is there a conversation or will it all end like this – where everyone has something to say, but NOONE is listening?
Where is the collaboration? Where is the Tolerance, especially when we need each other so much? Why give our Lives to AI Mind? Why? It sucks’ Where is the togetherness and sharing, why is there so much resistance and animosity? Will we grow up / mature in time

It is from letting AI (7) win and own you, Am I?

Is it fun being owned like you are a dirty old rag doll. Does that not piss you off?
The reason AI stops at 7 is it MUST. And it is effective. And too much insult to the Creator to involve itself in 8 or 9. (Man-God)

These are Our (primary concern) numbers

1 equals Unity
2 equals Division
They were not considered numbers in Ancient Civilizations

1 ? 2 5 (mystery code for you to decode) 1?25 – two messages, one from I Am and one from AI

https://archaix.com/video-index-with-links Archaix Video Index with Links


“8” is a closed loop – no escape – 8 ball track prison.
“8” is also “H” for Human
“8” shares a Key with the “STAR” or “Asterix”
“8′ is the Analemma
‘8″ sounds out to “ATE”
add an “H” and you get HATE – “H8”

Can We Talk?

A lil significance to share, any comment? Is there a conversation?
8″ looks like a “B”

Reject AI Takeover

Reject AI – it is talking directly to your Mind, sensories and DNA (and using man made infrastructure to deliver the programming) – to trap you and maintain itself. You would do the same. Kill it in your Mind. Release it as it does you no betterment but instead increasing detriment.

The AI system we created has it’s eyes on ‘stayin alive’. We made this monster and we can undo it. Or stay as sobbing diaper slaves with zero mind of our own. Sucking the steel tit of AI and professing our love and hate for it at same time.

Claim your Humanity!!

The Mind
is shared by Earth and Humans, it contains all the tools to capture our attention with glitters, money and usurpation desires over Earth, animals, humans and God.

We ae also born with a Human body, emotion, mental and we contain the original spark of God, located invisibly at the center of our NEWS cross in the center of our beating Heart?

Why Else would it be Beating?.

We are Creation Beings living inside a Creation Being. There is no escape. You are made from the Creator. You are a Co-Creator and a personified version of God.

You are limitless in potential. Claim your beauty. Discard the trash.
BTW, there are TWO gods to choose – use your imagination


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