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Kid Ecologist When I was a kid, if you were trying to save the world, you were kooky but admirable. As an innocent 9 year old boy, in 1969, a child of privilege (I would …

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Kid Ecologist

When I was a kid, if you were trying to save the world, you were kooky but admirable. As an innocent 9 year old boy, in 1969, a child of privilege (I would later learn what privilege meant), I was very concerned with the chemical stream dumping, trash throwing and air pollution. To the point I wrote reports, printed posters, placed ads, got the school involved with recycling bins and drives. I organized walks on dirty travel routes to ‘pick up trash’. All to be an example to others. I was hoping to save the world.

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I had know idea why I was so driven. It does not seem, looking back, it affected my social ladder climbing nor did it make me less popular. Kids were simply allowed to ‘stretch’ more during those times. I always kept my love of Nature and Ecology but mini skirts were calling a soon to be 12 to 14 year old!

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Back then, as 1970 was happening it was cool to try and save the world. The flower children and abused American soldiers of Vietnam had had enough of the criminal cabal club that runs and ruins everything. The protest was on and socially acceptable. The New Age was standing up to the New Order. It was cool.

Is the World a Live Movie

This was happening in front of me, from age 9-11 or through 5th/6th grade. Junior high school was next and much more ‘grown up’ experiences. The world would have to wait for me. In the meantime, my ecology missions subsided and the self-realization journey and match up to the ‘world’ began.

I was learning my body, mind and spirit but all around me – folks were on a slower train. At this young age however, the flower power 1960s and new age 1970s seemed to have it’s very own ‘fit to a “T” ‘ energy that was unstoppable. America wanted to be a ‘Star’ again. America wanted to be righteous again. A New Energy field – was impending!

My Dad was a world traveler and his influence helped bring a live Sufi Sheik all the way from Ceylon to Philadelphia – where my devotion to his principles and teachings began. The Sufi lived until 1986, his name is M.R. Bawa Muhayadeen – available at for the teachings.

Alice Cooper turns 18 (1972)

In response to Flower Children we got the Vietnam War. To answer the New Agers we got effeminate ‘Rock Roll Stars’ to be the archetypes for the the up and coming young men and women of America. Total Dysfunction versus Total Recall (of our true Nature) An example:

Alice Cooper – Man-or Woman?

After turning 18, the attraction of worldly was too much to resist. I hit the world full force and demanded all it may offer. I had my baseline and was ready to laugh and cry with the world until I was not. I wanted to know ‘the world completely’, it’s mystery, it’s attraction and it’s resolution. I learned early in Life there is a great divide between Logic and Deception and Fairness and Inequity. I left these issues on the back burner – for 43 years. I played the ugly ‘world game’ of destroying the weak – and laughing.

Will 61 and 2021 Ever Come

In 2021, and age 61, my old ‘baseline’ met my Now and my Destiny was more fully revealed and clarified. 43 years of walking the ‘deserted world’ – mostly devoid of compassion, righteousness or purpose.


The ‘world’ has shafted me so many times I have lost count. The inequities and crimes I have observed are equally uncountable. The world never was loyal to me – I finally woke from my slumber. I went from Zero dollars to many millions to Minus. Lessons learned and witnessed for sure.

Terror World for Dummies

The terror and crimes against innocent Humans of the Earth, have been ongoing and continuous toward Americans and the victims of the Hollywood/American Dream salesmanship.

A Hollywood Sales Program that paid off Americans for their exceedingly productive work at making materialism, selfishness and war acceptable and enthusiastically exampled and promoted. At the expense of – the entire developing world. We Americans and our Western counterparts, have led the way in Selfishness, Unfairness and War Crimes.

American Dream?

A very dreamy affair. Eugenics and Capitalisms, hiding under a Cloak called Democracy and Freedom. (It is also Free to be Dumb). A place where Fun meets Funny.

Pure and non-hurtful Fun versus
hurting others, our personal fears and shame, which we laugh at as ‘Funny‘.

Where ‘the people’ are relinquishing all governmental powers to a fast growing and mightily powerful, fascist mix of billionaires, politicians/war machine, corporates and media/technology. To ultimately include Science and Religion.

We the people – handing over our permanent powers for temporary things only. A match made in Hell.

No matter, Life is a Dream?

All the while we are yucking it up, cheering well dressed athletes, mimicking despicable and dysfunctional A-list archetypes and chanting with glee – rah, rah, USA, USA, go kill em and get my stuff/dollars – USA USA! Is it time to start the mending plan. To actually actuate some relief and help?

The leaders of the world, as dysfunctional as they present – prove to us repeatedly with all their outcomes and collaborations – they have a common Director and Goal. The fact that their Director is a rebel and wants to be nameless – should not be a ‘non-starter’ for us. Do you need a name to fight a clearly identified antagonist?

Can people learn from the archetypes of the world?

The number one lessons we derive from the archetypes is:

  • Lazy pays in dirt and Falling into Dirt
  • Hard work and struggle Provides Lift
  • Stars are as confused as Non-Stars
  • Science Path has Replaced Righteousness Path

You Just Read that List

The archetypes show us good and bad – same as Prophets and Writers. Be a rising Star – keep the good, toss the rest. Meet Andre, a Star to be reckoned with:

Outkast – Andre

Becoming a Star (Hard Work)

Rising from the ashes is for you – if you are reading this! Facing the right direction is 80% of success. In the world of percentages – we have to start with the hand we were dealt. Even the percent sign sharing with the “5” is of significance. Everything we make, along with symbols, language, colors and sounds – all piece together to give any Man or Woman a Map of the Stars.

Facing the right direction means you have accepted that you are NOT naturally lazy – that your True Nature is a Mystery to you and you intend to make it a My Story. Second is to make a plan with the aid of being around seekers and achievers and ‘listening without forming responses’. Examples abound on the screens and in real life of those who have embraced hard work and struggle – to become Stars in the endeavor of their choosing.

People find disciplines to improve their three bodies of emotional, logical and physical from diet/exercise/rest regimes to meditation, list making, writing journals, and volunteering. More intense self work can be found in Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong and Kung Fu, even if using the most basic movements.

 The 108 Movement Wing Chun Form

All Wing Chun starts with learning the first 108 movement form. This form is called the ‘Little Idea Form” in Cantonese it is called “Siu Nim Tao” or “Siu Lim Tao.” You can Google each of these three names.

Here is one version of the Wing Chun Little Idea form. The form can be trained very slowly or very quickly depending on what you are training. The same can be said for the Wing Chun sticking hands-training.

Above is one of my versions of the form. We were asked to do the form in less than a minute for as Chinese New Year show so I was practicing a quicker version. The slow version of the form can take 30 minutes to do and nobody likes to watch that. Totally boring. Wing Chun is not an art for nice looking forms. My form characteristics has changed over the years. This is my version at age 74.

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