Space is the Highest Frontier

Spaceship interior with view on space and planet Earth 3D rendering elements of this image furnished by NASA – NAHA pretty good with imagery.

Capt Kirk – James Tiberius Kirk

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James Tiberius Kirk was the Commander of Star Trek Enterprise, a highly intellectually antagonistic, oversexed and attractive character on the TV show Star Trek in 1966. His Hollywood business is to mock God while playing the role of God and Archetype at once. It was and still is today, very effective Hollywood SpellCast Programming toward the Human populace, from the desk of Lucille Baal, of 1951 I Love Lucy TV show fame. Lucille means “Light Bringer” and Baal means this, Wiki Baal.

Extremely well paid and glorified, Billy Sh*tner has big debt. He also sacrificed for us to become the enemy we required to complete our mission. He is the poster child for failure if you want to NEVER meet God or understand Creation and a Human’s Purpose and True Nature. A Perfect Map to the Top as it describes perfectly, the way to the bottom.

The series and the pilot episode was convoluted, took many pieces and different issues, to come to be. But, the first episode demonstrated the path for any two or more Humans to look directly at self realization and Human True Nature. Nothing appears in front of our eyes or in our Mind without revealing the song of God – “I Need to be Needed!” When two or more people share this statement to each other, eye to eye and Heart to Heart – all woes and maladies can fade like smoke.

The name James Tiberius Kirk has many glaring windows to decode the deception and mocking being done. James is from Jacob originally – Jacob’s ladder. Tiberius is famous for many things plus cruelty. Kirk means the Church.

Star Trek Mixed in Mysticism and Symbolism

All the Ancient Cosmology and Mystics agree that the immeasurable and invisible space is where all Creation originates. We have a way built in to meet this space and observe it quietly until we understand it.

There is a space between your Left and Right energies. A literal space between your Left and Right Brain. A literal space for your Heart Energy to co-exist with your amazing Brain – in Harmony. Where all Divine Treasures are granted, revealed, recognized and experienced.

Age 7 to 8 from Eternity to Limitation

From age 7 to 8 we learn to drop our baseline of Nature/Impetus and ourselves as Authors 1,2 — to the world of Choices, Actions and Consequence. – 1,2,3
The world we knew of the spaces and no fear is shelved for the noisy world of ownership and fear, We spend the rest of our Life trying to undo or co-exist with this arrangement. A range ment. A range of Mentalities.

Predictions is Pre Dictating something

It is said ABRACADABRA means I Speak I Create
When we predict something we are pre-Stating it as all things are thought of before becoming real. A thing must be acknowledged to become real. It has been proven many times scientifically and by observation. We prove to ourselves over and over again, we have access to Actuality/Now Always World.

Where to meet Space/God inside your Head

Hard work (Kung Fu) and dedication, in this realm, leads to being noticed, gaining support and getting things done. To meet the space between your energies – where all action originates – we must balance our Nature energies. The energies of Left/Right, Male/Female, Anode/Cathode, Acid/Alkaline all exist within our rational or logical thinking and our reactive/colorful/emotional thinking. Our Logical Brain and our Emotional Brain.

When these two energies are balanced, it is happening because we have validated our technical aspirations with our Heart felt reactions. When your intentions are validated by both sides. Whenever we avoid doing this, it causes an imbalance and the manifestations of Cognitive Dissonance. Meaning your two sides, Emotional and Logical are not validating each other.

When actions are taken – Heart Actions – then there is balance. This balance allows a space to occur between your Left and Right Brain, your Left and Right energies and your validation versus your contradictions. When this space appears from achieving balance – it can be observed and how your Life adapts to balance can also be observed.

After a time of having this balance, much Clarity, Appreciation and humility occur. Causing more Heart Actions on your part. After a time of this of applying your thoughts and actions this way – and achieving balance – the ‘space’ will fill with your Heart’s Intelligence and all the secrets and divine treasures in the space. Going for balance and sticking to it – leads to a meeting with God.

I Need to be Needed!

God became enamored with Himself and made Creation. The closest we can know right this second to the Love of Creation pouring through everything is to recognize within ourselves, all other people, the animals and the plants – all have the same exact desire and Impetus as God and Creation.

It is “I Need to be Needed!”

God prefers meeting Us when we have met the challenge. Waiting for the challenge to come to you causes a devaluation and loss of powers to complete the Mission. Meet God this Lifetime – while you are alive, Now.

Stay strong. Do Heart Actions, conveniently at first, then move to harder and harder ones as they become easier to imagine.

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