What is Actuality – Living in Now?

 “actuality is the function of present constitution….

Only by struggle and toiling thine utmost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life. 

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Actuality, the principle is more evidenced and observable as scientific fact rather than philosophical theory and for that reason its exact demonstration on the one hand and its slow but steady growth into general popular acceptance on the other is to be noted in the practical world of every day living.

When we lose time it is in the midst of our great experiences. It also happens in the blink of an eye throughout our lives. Many have spoken and written of the ‘shadow’ world we feel we are living in. There seems there should be a reason and a very good one at that, for living in our “Reality” world while the world of Actuality and Now is perpetuating around us. If proven, many questions of our mysterious existence are answered.

“… the here and now is a realization, and actuality in life is gained through inner comprehension made effective through the attitude of man toward life and its affairs.

scientific study (shows) the same actuality is gained through demonstration of the extension of reality in time and space.”

Actuality can be seen as reality, merely reversed and this is naturally the first stage in evolution of higher understanding. An aspirant restrains rather than indulges his appetites.

He enhances his consciousness at night at the expense of his daily awareness. He tries to interest himself most in what the world regards as of least importance as in taking up obscure causes to champion and so on.

Every seeker for immortal understanding must be self-dedicated to values far removed from the gross appetites and transient jealousies of his fellows, and he reveals himself ultimately through the potentialities he develops to the point where he can share them with others.”

Quoted areas from The Sabian Assembly

Thoth: All eyes do not see with the same vision, for to one an object appears of one form and colour and to a different eye of another. So also the infinite fire, changing from colour to colour, is never the same from day to day.

Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife. Only by struggle and toiling thine utmost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life. Wisdom cometh to all her children even as they cometh unto wisdom. All through the ages, the light has been hidden. Awake, O man, and be wise.

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