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To digress: The following podcast on Mar 3 is 6:09 – 100% allowed and not controlled.

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E Toro Taurus Torus Toroid

The surname Toro signifies “one from Toro.” The place name Toro is derived from the word “toro,” which has been present in the Castillian language since 1102, and is derived from the Latin word “taurus,” meaning “bull.”

Toro Family Crest

More Mind Creations

E Toro Advert – Floating Hive Minded Folksie Wokesies . A GROUP MIND

Events and people have consequences. The Mind is made at the time the Earth was made. Explanation from a Sufi at bottom of this page. We all ‘tap’ the Earth Mind which is an assembly of what has been ventured and what is potential. The potential is endless and has no final destinations or solutions. It is an accelerant and challenge to our position as Human Beings.

Genesis Evangelion is Birth of AI~SkyNet (False Coming)

2019 Evangelion Click Here for all 59 deaths in 3:28 (Mar 28??)

1930s Evangelion
24 seconds of the Actors of Evangelion

Kaworu has lost his mind in the best possible way – canon? Or Kaworu after he discover Lilith?

Final Genesis Evangelion 1997

Here you can witness the way AI~SkyNet as ‘they’ (aka part of we) predicts and conditions the future while revealing all truths in accordance with avoiding Karmic Retribution. The actors absorb the Evange LION share. An example of the places the Mind can take us when we allow it and participate. Please check 1:14:14 to see where we are at right now – with 13 minutes to go in the movie/TV Show.

εὐαγγέλιον-Evangelion in Ancient Times

euaggelion: good news Original Word: εὐαγγέλιον, ου, τό

  • the good news of the coming of the Messiah, the gospel; the gen. (the Christal Creation Within)
  • after it expresses sometimes the giver (God),
  • sometimes the subject (the Messiah, etc.),
  • sometimes the human transmitter (an apostle).
  •  a reward for good tidings (cf. τά διδασκαλία, the fees given the διδάσκαλος), Homer, Odyssey 14, 152; Cicero, ad Att. 2, 3 and 12; 13, 40; Plutarch, Demetr. 17; Ages. 33; the Sept. 2 Samuel 4:10.

Digression to ‘Challenge’

  • 1570s, “having been called to a contest,”
  • Anglo-French chalenge, Old French chalonge “calumny, slander; demand, opposition”
  • Vulgar Latin *calumniare “to accuse falsely,”
  • calumny (n.) Latin calumniari “to accuse falsely, misrepresent, slander,” from calumnia “trickery”
  • PIE cognates include Greek kelein “to bewitch, cast a spell,”
  • Gothic holon “to slander,” Old Norse hol “praise, flattery,” 

What to Do with Our Challenge

We are tricked into focusing on past and future things enough and until, we lose sight of and respect for the Now. Actuality is Now – the rest is false and temporary. The Mind makes this so much easier to be tricked by this. It would not be possible with out the endless possibilities, notions and endless destinations of UN-provable things. Nor observable or provable – but simply imagined with the assistance and deployment of the ready to answer – Mind.

The mind can be mined forever – it has no end. It can verify to you, provable things and imagined or observable or imagined. Or observable mixed with imagined – and many more groupings. The Mind will host your independent Mind where you decide what to allow and what not to allow.

The Mind is a separate library to allow into your thinking. You also have a two sided emotional and logical Brain and an All Love and Intelligent Heart. All powered by an atomic sized light ray (God) where your N E W S forever lines intersect – in the center of your Heart. It is a Trinity of possibilities of Logic, Emotion and Mind powered by Source of All/God.

It is an Even Steven Game. Everyone and everything has a Twin. See To Win. Even Even Steven has a Twin, his is a Siamese Twin as many (ALL) twins are and his name here is Willy Nilly. The order of meeting them is the ‘fair shot’ every living Man and Woman has. Choose Even Steven first and never meet Willy Nilly. Or meet Willy Nilly first and get to meet both.

Is 3 6 9 a Mind Thing

The first Nine minutes are fine. Nine is fine. After, dudley goes on and on about digital roots to prove there is KNOW mystery about 3 6 9. The first Nine speak on how 1 to 9, with the aid of 3 6 9 always half or double. Always 1 to 2. Adding in 3 and 6 confirms it, 9 makes it a mystery again. One set to view, one digit to wonder. Follow the video linked below. The first Nine is Fine.

1 to ? to 2

First Nine is Fine

An Explanation of the Mind, Soul, Man and God

TIME means The Invisible ME a blog including a discourse from Bawa Muhayadeen in the late 1970s. I studied under him from 1971 to 1978. An authentic Sufi Sheik discovered living alone and happy in the wild jungles of Ceylon in 1928. Bawa went to the outside of the Cave. and came back to help us.

(the Cave is the shadow world we live in with the Mind – (where past and future are focused on at the disposal of actuality). Time exists not – in the Present, our Gift. There is much clarity to be gained from Bawa.

Bawa spoke of how a person who fails to realize God is “reborn” with various animal qualities. After each “rebirth,” one loses some of the potential for the highest level of realization, and becomes capable of only a lower level of realization.

The point is you should do the work while you are still here. You should do it in this very lifetime.
, pp. 111-112

Much More Here – The Whole Story

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