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The Right Question?

Today – knowledge systems rule alongside the controllers of the knowledge systems. They also control the flow and content – leaving followers of it – at a disadvantage. There is one guiding principle all Humans operate on. It is a failsafe to keep us facing each other. It guarantees our interaction and communications. The principle is called:

“I Need to be Needed!”

Without this guiding principle as integral to our Operating System (Ieosus/I OS – the Chrystal Creation inside all persons) – we simply would not look to others to form relationships. The principle can be exploited and it happens when and if the person is innocent to their own guiding principle. Thus, hierarchies begin. Be it in the home, institution, work or play.

There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking.

“The world we see that seems so insane is the result of a belief system that is not working. To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds.”

William James – 19th Century Philosopher/Psychologist
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circa 1900 but relevant today.

Who is William James

The Father of American Psychology died in 1910 before radio and TV. The woes and maladies of an emotionally deluded and sensual/scientific nature driven citizenry were the same as today – and the solutions observations he provided, are permanent truths regarding the birthright powers, psyche and intentions of the world’s Men and Women.

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Why Am I a Hierarchal Member

So, men have known, it seems like forever, that their thoughts control their outcomes. And directing/arranging conditions/controlling other peoples thoughts, sets them on a path according to their thoughts. If the naïve persons are unaware of their control – they will be controlled and find themselves within a hierarchy – or worse, a directed slave. However – you have not lost control – as you are the director and author of your intentions – not manipulative bosses.

Hierarchy – the word Origin

Hierarchies — real or artificial — abound to help us organize our world. A hierarchy places items into a general order, where more ‘general’ is also more ‘abstract’. The etymology of the word hierarchy is grounded in notions of religious and social rank.

HIERARCHY, hierarchies, s. F. System of subordination of elements, ranks, functions, authorities, etc. lower than the upper ones. – From Fr. hierarchy.

From Middle English ierarchiejerarchie, from Old French ierarchiejerarchie, from Late Latin ierarchia, from Latin hierarchia, from Ancient Greek ἱεραρχία (hierarkhía, “rule of a high priest”), from ἱεράρχης (hierárkhēs, “high priest”), from ἱερός (hierós, “holy”) + ἄρχω (árkhō, “I rule”). The H was re-added c. 1500 due to influence from Classical Latin.

Paradigm Video Game

Hierarchy means RULER

There is a man made hierarchy. And it has a Twin, as issued by thousands of philosophers, mystics and prophets. Simply move the “e” to in front of the “i” and it spells Heir Arch. You are the rightful heir to yourself and Creation.

Paradigms are Maps

Mascu(s) Line cause consequence Femi Nine cause allowance/acceptance/settlement/peace There is a proportion of these energies born with us and then ‘managed’ by us AND how much influence we “ALLOW”.

We each have them and do better to recognize them as friends, not the “N” in Me.

In a boss/slave world – it is hard to even look at friends and family w/o wondering is one of us the boss or slave? A false paradigm….. We are all equal.

Why do Folks Reject Beneficial Intel

Humans have a propensity to organize and categorize things as a way to make sense of the world. We see complex things built from simpler things. We recognize similarities of shape and form between different things and judge some more closely related than others. We group individuals and find generalities or abstractions to derive new types or categories. Our intuition tells us that some of these groupings make better sense than others.

This leads to conflict of ideas and principles. If unchecked – the person develops Cognitive Dissonance and will reject benefit if the views of the presenter differ from their self imposed mental hierarchy. In a hierarchal Knowledge Systems world, following the leader will get you nowhere, imo.

Ierarchy always meant a religious ruler stating “I Rule” Today – knowledge systems rule alongside the controllers of the knowledge systems. They also control the flow and content – leaving followers of it – at a disadvantage.

We readily recognize hierarchies and have a commonsense view of what they are. Still, we lack consensus on a formal definition of hierarchy across disciplines. We see great disparities in how to construct hierarchies and what relations between things they represent. Our understanding of hierarchies is imprecise.

Charles S. Peirce (1839–1914)

…was the founder of philosophical pragmatism and a pioneer in the development of formal logic. He has fine work on hierarchy and the Human Condition. To be explored in future articles.

Pluto Return

It will be affecting Men and Women for an extended period as the last time it was in this exact position was during the DECLARATION in 1776 Plus there are many sig conjuncts It carries a re-making of our financial system, war and death but also it naturally has a twin as all things including people have a twin(s) The twin aspect of Pluto increases knowledge, understanding and enlightenment with access to new clarity and intel to proceed. All available to ‘Overcomers’ of the charade we are within.

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