Enzymes RNA RuN “A” (earth/humans/vaca)

Enzymes RNA RuN “A” (earth/humans/Vaca)

RNA is an enzyme as in it is within the ribosomes. There are many ribosomes or ‘**somes’ in the structure of your cellular network. We, the science world, have come with thousands of names to name one thing Enzymes – the facilitator of life form an, repair and regeneration.

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RNA is Enzyme?

RNA is an enzyme as in it is within the ribosomes. There are many ribosomes or ‘**somes’ in the structure of your cellular network. We, the science world, have come with thousands of names to name one thing Enzymes – the facilitator of life form an, repair and regeneration.

Before an enyzme forms to where it is viewable – it lives in the spaces – waiting to be called. Behaving like a crystal, fractalizing, spiraling or both. Making partnerships between the wills of one group of molecules and another, one chemical arrangement and another.

The mystery is yours and my story. The spaces are where the crystal network hides – until it is called upon. Science is amused by this reality – and they ‘play’ with it daily. while dreaming how to spend the pay=offs they receive. (Over paid, status, glory, materialism).

Did you know you can read below how to make a mRNA gene manipulation injection below? Nothing is being hidden, only from nappers.

Want to Make a Jab?

All enzymes, atoms and ions are other names for crystals or the crystalline groupings in Nature and Life forms. Today, science admits enthusiastically, that enzymes and RNA are the same.

Quotes below from CRONO DON
“The ribosomal RNAs are often designated rRNA. As you can see, ribosomes are complex structures (ribonucleoprotein enzyme
complexes). Enzymes are biological catalysts which speed up the rate of chemical reactions, each enzyme being specifically
responsible for one reaction (or a few related reactions). Enzymes lower the activation energy of a reaction, so that it occurs faster
at lower temperatures, and so reduce the time taken for a reaction to reach equilibrium. Most enzymes are proteins, but RNA
molecules can be enzymes too.”

JAB MAKING INSTRUCTIONS: “The instructions to make the required proteins are encoded in the DNA in the cell nucleus (or nucleoid of prokaryotes). The first
process is transcription, in which this information is copied (transcribed) onto a molecule of RNA, called messenger RNA (mRNA).
The double helix of the DNA is broken open (by the –ENZYMES–DNA helicase, which breaks the hydrogen-bonds between the
strands, and DNA topoisomerase, which unwinds the DNA to prevent tangles) at the gene to be transcribed, forming an open
transcription bubble. RNA polymerase reads the coding strand of the DNA and synthesises RNA that is complimentary to the
DNA coding strand.”

In other words, the invisible and mysterious enzyme (bristling with ‘active factor’ facilitator) is recognized and seems to pop up everywhere!

“…a gene typically contains polypeptide coding regions, called exons,
insterspersed with non-coding regions called introns. The introns are removed in an enzymic reaction called splicing and….”

“Polynucleotides also have tertiary structural motifs, that is 3D structures formed from one or more secondary structural motifs.
(A motif is a pattern). This is important to the function of many RNA molecules, including RNA –ENZYMES– (ribozymes) for

  • Double helix (e.g. DNA)
  • Major and minor groove triplexes – formed by the insertion of nucleotides into the major and minor grooves of the double
  • Quadriplexes – e.g. quadruple helix in DNA and RNA”

More from the Jab Makers

“Some introns form RNA enzymes (ribozymes) which catalyse their own
removal or splicing from the transcript – so-called self-splicing introns. Others encode proteins/enzymes that facilitate intron
splicing. Some are apparently selfish genetic elements and encode an endonuclease which can cut them out and move them to
other nucleotides, as mobile genetic elements. A spliceosome is an enzyme complex of RNA and protein molecules which
splices out introns. Spliceosomes occur in both the nucleus and cytosol. Some introns also contain regulatory elements that
control transcription, for example promoters.”
Quoted text above mirrored from: CRONO DON

What’s Vaca Cow Got to do with It?

nature animal agriculture cow
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Eating a Cow may be the ultimate Human offense outside murder of a Human. Behold:

In Celtic mythology the Cow is sacred to the Mother Goddess Brigit who also governs the Earth, mothers, children, health, nurturing, providence, and the full range of the Female element of the universe. This symbolism remains consistent with that of many other cultural settings and supports Cow as representing life’s fragile beginnings and the necessity to safeguard and restore those who have no voice or support.

  • Christian tradition once believed that Cows kneel at midnight on Christmas, facing the East.
  • Cows are weather portents. When out in the field an upright Cow tail foretells rain.
  • Cows that eat buttercups produce tastier butter.
  • In Ireland a hare appearing with Cows on Beltane signify witches who are up to no good stealing away with fresh milk. The Scots believed that putting tar behind the Cows’ ears would keep the witch from succeeding.

Cow Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Motherhood
  • Mother Goddesses
  • Mother Gaia
  • Fertility
  • Nurturing
  • Understanding
  • Commitment
  • Gentleness
  • Quiet Strength
  • Divine Feminine
  • Lunar Energy
  • Mirrored from Below

The Holy Cow & Vesica Picsis

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