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Tesla Coil or Mortal Coil

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Singing Tesla’ Coils

Is it in the Tesla Coil or the Mortal Coil or is it somewhere else. Above is a Singing Tesla Coils Concert with emcee, more here, Synthtopia

Earth’s Heart beats where it beats and simultaneously causes my beating Heart and every beating Heart and all beating Hearts – all interlinked as one and many.

Mortal Coil

mortal coil (plural mortal coils)

  1. The chaos and confusion of life.
  2. The physical body of man (containing the spirit inside). quotations ▲
    • 1871, “T. A.”, “Polyxenes”, in J. E. Taylor et al. (editors), Hardwicke’s Science-Gossip for 1872, Robert Hardwicke (1873), page 32:[…] [A black swallowtail] does not—as a true insect does—change from worm to grub, and from grub to his mature form, but simply “shuffles off his mortal coil,”—skin, hairs, and leggings all complete, now and then, […] . He then leaves his shuffled-off “mortal coil” hanging upon a fragment of dirty cobweb, as before described.
    • 1874, C. M. Ingleby, The Still Lion: An Essay Towards the Restoration of Shakespeare’s Text, Trübner & Co., page 87:Shakespeare represents the human body under various figures: a coil: a case: a frame: a machine: a vesture: a heft: a motion or puppet: &c. It has been contended that in Hamlet’s speech, the ‘mortal coil’ is the coil, i.e. trouble of turmoil, incident to man’s mortal state: but the analogies are too strong in favor of the ‘mortal coil’ being what Fletcher calls the ‘case of flesh’ (Bonduca, iv. 1).
    • 1918, Roy Chapman Andrews and Yvette Borup Andrews, Camps and Trails in China: A Narrative of Exploration, Adventure, and Sport in Little-Known China, D. Appleton and Company, page 151:His soul may have found rest, but “his mortal coil” certainly did not. Unfortunately […] the village “astrologer” informed them that […] they must dig him up, give the customary feast in his honor and have another burial site chosen.
    • 2003R. A. SalvatoreImmortalis, Random House, Inc. (2004), →ISBNpage 114:She escaped her mortal coil and moved out, looking back at herself as she stood motionless, clutching the stone that had become the link between her body and her spirit.


  1. William Shakespeare (c. 1600), “act III, scene i”, in Hamlet: “For in that sleepe of death, what dreames may come, / When we haue shuffel’d off this mortall coile, / Must giue vs pawse.”

Anagrams – collimatormicroatoll (MICRO ATOLL??) and Kali Mater?
from: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mortal_coil

They above thinkers all agree with 100,00 dead prophets that the spirit and impetus for Life resides within the physical body. Since all things are only there if acknowledged and all actions, choices, consequences and outcomes emanated from thoughts, well, behind the thoughts are where our Silent Partner or the Spirit resides. Exactly inside every beating Heart.

Micro Atoll?

aerial view of city near body of water
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

The most famous Micro Atoll is You. Next is in the Cyclades of the Aegean Sea. Santorini, aka Thera, one of the original homes/locations of Atlantis before the greatest eruption on Earth ever recorded estimated 2,600 to 8,000 years ago.

Santorin Thera in the Cyclades

Akrotiri is a prehistoric city that lies beneath a bioclimatic shelter. Walking over wooden bridges, you will encounter one of the most important and well-preserved civilizations in the Mediterranean, which was covered by the ashes of the great volcanic eruption of 1600 BC. Visit the museum of Prehistoric Thera, at Fira, to admire its famous frescoes, among them Spring, The Monkeys and The African. A world frozen in time awaits you on the island of Santorini.


The mortal coil is alive and well thanks to our Silent Partner.
Below is a response to a colleague asking me where the Earth’s Heart resides:

Thank you brother, the read and the vid were stunning. I have played the final scene of Starcraft (never saw it to just now) a million times inside my head since 1974 (and the rapture too) – about 6 years after my revelations and indigo-ness was settling. My little brother, who is a mystic but hates me today and thinks I am Satan, bought me the poster of the final aloneness of the protagonist in Starcraft that year, at age 14 birthday, 1974 (contains “19” and “47”)

dynamism, coalescence and harmony are all coming from Earth/Heart, existing/manifesting at the direction of the director – your mind and bodies but produced from the Heart. It, the Heart, exists as the Sun, the Heavens, beyond them, the Earth, your Heart, all Hearts and the invisible Silent Partner inside each Heart.

The Silent Partner is God, the most high and Source of All Known and Unknown, living inside you, your Silent Partner


Final Scene from Starcraft

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