I had to ask 42,000 prophets for this answer

Turns out this is an interesting study of the Earth/Human/Heart body and certainly more about our relationship then the numbers. Ultimately about analyzation of what is already observed/known and causes more delay in action toward healing and repair.

3n+1 conjecture and formulas

3n+1 conjecture and formulas shows all numbers are equal to each other except for #1. There are formulas where the 6 is shown to have a special place at the table (as it represents a fractal and a spiral and is why in occult the 6 and 9 are considered equal and the same)

Automata theory will not solve this one

Automata theory will not solve this one nor the Turing machine nor AI nor gematria (joke) as part of the equation contains a piece of unknowable (hint: add 1) (second hint: add 1 causes fractalization and spirals)

Jeff Dumont did a nice look at the hailstone sequence, 3n + 1 conjecture, Ulam & Collatz conjecture and the greater meaning was not concluded. Just a boatload of pansies refusing to acknowledge the unknowable.

Odd or Even?

Odd or Even? First odd number is 1 and one multiplies in 3’s
First even number is 2 and 2 always cuts in half or divides
1+2 makes 3 (Mother Father Child)

Mother /the first one makes 3’s as she needs a mate and an offspring/child

Father cuts and re-assembles. He divides.

Child is the third (innocent assembled being to gather with MaPa together). These three are represented in all things.

The three of them represented in all of us and in Life are the ‘3n’ in this equation. Each carries an “N” in me or a built in enemy or source of friction and acceleration.

When the One is added it represents the source of the unknowable. Whether you multiply with feminine energy or divide with male energy, when you add One, it will always come back to One.

Side note: when you mirror 24 you get 42 – one side is male and one side is female, watch:

4224 4x2x2x4=64, numeralogically that is One

Do you have any harder ones?

Side note: 3n +1 is only four. It does not represent you until you look at your hand and see 5 fingers. The fifth in this equation is your thumb, that is the unique experience called you – your unique experience.

5 Parts, Mother, Father, Child, Source of Unknowable and Unique You

You have two hands to show you carry equally, male and female energy and understanding available to you.

If you need clarification on any point, please ask.

Want to See the Unknowable?

The below video is from a regular guy in Austria who is sitting in front of his work desk and his audio manipulation instruments and data collectors and viewing screens. He is demonstrating the Torus field known to exist in all things. All things.

His video shows how changes in harmonics and force change the shape and function of a Torus field. Mix this video with what was absorbed above. You will not see the unknowable but you will come to know the complexity, the beauty and the possibility.

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