The old saying

The old saying what goes around comes around and that other one you get back what give and that other one, give a smile you get a smile, and that other one, do a favor get a favor and the best one, listen to someone to know yourself.

In the science world, the call it cause and effect or if you are a non-scientists then you would say one action always shows a reaction. What science teachers might remind us is, in life nothing ever stops moving, ever.

Stagnation Means Devolvement and Developments

In life, stagnation means devolvement or regression or if you are a non scientist, pests or mold or dust or nasty odor or other such things. Proving that nothing in life ever stops moving. It is always on the move. Just like us, when we stop moving, our body keeps moving.

All this moving and non moving and stagnation make or cause reactions and they all add up to developments or an accumulation of developments. This is seen everywhere in life and relationships in nature and people. Everything is a development and an accumulation and we always see one thing building on another.

We also see unions of like and unlike pairs and groups at the cellular level, in nature and in people. The cause and affect is always in effect. If you are alive and you are breathing every next moment is a new accumulation of developments.

The Rules in Life

The rules in life, nature and humans are only two. Free will and consequence. We see free will in all higher animals. Primates show the most free will. Humans show the most free will of all animals on earth. The most free will and with it the most consequence.

This is the exact answer to “how is it possible humanity is capable of this much advancement and destruction at once”.

Free Will – Consequence – Developments

The answer is we have reached this position as a result of many free will choices and a consequence for each. Each consequence causes a development. Each development causes and accumulation of developments. You are today exactly who you are because of developments. The past is unchangeable. All your events in total make up you. Living for today and planning for tomorrow is half of achieving the best life possible.

The above is the map, the code, the blueprint, the paradigm, the format, the basis, the impetus, the motivation, the friction and the reason for our being. Our purpose is to examine our map and follow it with our heart.

We are Very Misdirected and Misguided

In our world today we are very misdirected and misguided about our relationship with the earth and nature. We have filled our minds with noise from electronics and data. Causing a disconnect from our natural source of energy and growth.

This is a free will choice and comes with a consequence. Knowing what all your options are and if any of them are misdirecting you toward your best life possible is important task to learn for self improvement and meaningful relationships.

Although there are many false messages today coming from our electronics, 80% of the natural data we are missing to make our best life possible is available in a live human being that will listen to you and that you like to listen to. This includes personal conversations with yourself.

Get Your Lost Data via Practice

The fastest way to get your lost data is to practice listening to the live human being across from you. The type of listening where you care more about what they are saying than what you want to say. And more about what they feel than what you feel and more about the meaning of what they mean than what they think you mean.

This type of open heart listening is awkward, uncomfortable and hard to do at first because thoughts keep forming as responses in your mind and triggers keeps stirring your emotions. This is a real battle of wits between your intellect, your mind and your emotions but you can do it.

The Way I Did It

The way I did it was to try a little bit each day until it felt less awkward to hold myself back from reacting and forming responses before the person was done sharing with me. I also had to learn more patience and to simply hold my tongue much more often. It was a physical control to focus directly at the person speaking and literally not use my vocal cords or allow responses to form in my mind.

This type of open heart listening once you overcome the trainee / orientation period will heal all wounds, create personal evolution and provide the best life possible through learning about yourself and developing meaningful relationships.

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