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Kevin and Nina from Oregon, USA are entrepreneurs and our partner John from Iganga town, Uganda are pressing the world citizenry to hear our solutions for all the selfishness, hate and misery facing the world today..  

We three work full time between our day jobs to assemble blog articles, podcasts, website pages, ebooks, self help direction regarding physical restoration, relationship building and how to recognize your authentic silent partner toward betterment of your Life and those you love.  

Kevin and Nina live in near poverty in SE Oregon USA and John studies herbal nursing, makes video reports from Uganda which we publish and he supports many needy people in Uganda including 15 immediate family who lost their home to flooding in August and are subsisting in temporary shelter (even though it is now rainy/winter there now).  

We struggle week to week to pay rent, food and basics and count on volunteers and contributors to pay the expenses of computers, internet data accounts and a host of internet accounts to expand our reach.  

Ofcourse we never have enough data, hosting fees funds, internet account fees, hardware and software payments or marketing/promotion funds. John makes reports as he can but he is struggling day to day just to survive in a country who is declaring ‘ownership’ of it’s people and executing drastic medical measures across the country..  

For John in Uganda you will help us find 6,000 dollars to reconstruct their flooded home and give 15 beautiful people the basics of walls and a roof! All extra will provide them with more basics of clothes, household items and food. John is their leader and has nothing but love for them, you and Humanity.

Please watch one of his vids and listen to the man’s voice.  

We would like to expand our reach and get in some media press releases and replace our outdated equipment. If you join us as a contributor, the act of trading energy with us will greatly improve the direction you are personally headed.

Any donation entitles you to directly convo Kevin, Nina or John or all of us. Please help or contact us with your ideas. Another video to look at:  


Or send any amount via PayPal here: https://paypal.me/ridethera

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If you benefitted please exchange energy by making a donation, it will benefit both of us

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