How soon do you believe we will be able to answer the question of whether we are alone in the universe?

What is it to be alone – Are humans alone in the Universe

A Lone. Soon. To be repaid. And paid.

We are not alone – within ourselves. We are grand master players of a complex and intense game of learning and exploring Density – to our Destiny.

There are more than 18,000 universes, each contains the amount of parts you can identify inside one Human. That is what we can see with external senses.

With internal senses we can ‘see’ the rest of the Intel on the One Universe and the view of ourselves as walking Beings of more than 18,000 Universes.

Internal senses can be re-remembered by cleaning your blood, caring about your body and quieting your mind. Your inner senses will come alive, you will take notice and respond.

Each of us is quite alone and on loan from ourselves, to ourselves, for ourselves. Each of us is the other. All we can see, feel or imagine is contained within our being. We are quite alone AND together TO Gather. We have, we are and we will.

From Kimi Carter:

  I wrote in my journal a few weeks ago, “I know only Your love is enough to satisfy me, but I don’t know how to let it.” I am on the journey to satisfaction even as I type this. Here’s one thing I know: unless you are genuinely and intentionally seeking out a one-on-one connection with your Father, you will always be asking “how?”.  In John 5, Jesus heals the crippled man. But how exactly did Jesus heal him? John 5:8-9 says “Jesus said to him, ‘Stand up! Pick up your sleeping mat and you will walk!’ Immediately he stood up—he was healed!” That’s it. “Stand up!” He says. He said that IF he had the faith to stand up himself and pick up his sleeping mat, THEN he would be able to walk. Jesus makes it clear here that sometimes, we have to stand up so that we can walk, not sit and wait until we can walk. So how do I let His love be enough to satisfy me? I stand up and walk. I might not do it gracefully, but I am learning how to walk with Him slowly, but surely.

Are We Alone in the Universe – Fermi Paradox?

This is the exact question that the Fermi Paradox concerns itself with. Enrico Fermi, a Nobel-Prize winning physicist, created the paradox to encompass the idea of how we have yet to detect an alien civilization even though we know that there are billions of different stars, planets, and other places in space that aren’t our Solar System. As we know, there are several different solutions that attempt to explain Fermi’s Paradox. They include the following list of different explanations:

We could be alone in the entire Universe. Galactic civilizations are so rare that we’re seemingly just an anomaly (i.e. we’re the first).

We could be one of many different civilizations, but nobody’s colonized the galaxy we’re in. This could be a result of costly interstellar travel, space exploration being boring, or that most galaxies are colonized and ours just isn’t overly important or relevant. It could also be that all civilizations in the past that have had the ability to colonize the Cosmos have destroyed themselves before actually colonizing anything.

There are galactic civilizations out there, but they have yet to reveal themselves to us yet (for whatever reason).
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