Is Man Attempting to Usurp (Replace) the Creator of All?

Since I have the circumstance and own a white skin suit in the USA I am in a unique position to acknowledge the white skin suit man’s perspective of placing ones will over another. I …

Since I have the circumstance and own a white skin suit in the USA I am in a unique position to acknowledge the white skin suit man’s perspective of placing ones will over another. I have placed my will over others continuously since 1960 when I was born and was shown the way of the world. All the rewards of sacrifice were shown and all the penalties of sloth.

I was shown the ‘American Dream’ which was a nightmare for most and a tragedy for the rest. Yes, whites put their wills over blacks, men over women and adults over youngers. The most obvious divide was the haves and have nots. This meme of lack and competition to avoid it is very unappealing and steers people away from healthy relationships and personal evolution.

All the while the TV, our parents, school and the media continuously reassure and promote this bad behavior. And the number one ‘bad’ thing we do that leads to so much misery” Allowing our wills to be held over others AND to allow others to put their will over us.

We use these concepts to mold our realities and assemble it all any way we want. We are given enormous power in this regard. Most everything is learned through observation of meme (repetition) or observation of nature. We learn in this way, how to treat others. Although we are thoroughly shown good versus bad behavior, toward others and ourselves, we still carry on into adulthood copying or mimicing or ‘learning’ when watching others. We know better, bit we still take on a ton of mundane things, relationships that are unhealthy and activities that lead to ignorance, self-poisoning and harming others as opposed to following what made perfect sense to us when we were children.

Ancient Greek Maxims

Temple of Delphi

The Ancient maxims were/are/start with Know thyself, the first one and most misunderstood. Modern text likes to see it as being selfish, clingy, alone, above others. This misinterpretation is a way to allow us, the group who walks today, to literally, put our will over another.

I have found the correct and only way to know thyself. I am finding, for myself, the only way to get to know me is by listening to others with an open Heart. Not allowing for judgment while listening to others. Non-favoritism.

I have been accused of being dangerous and akin to advising walking in front of a speeding truck. Would never advise that. Intellect and discernment are used to keep yourself safe. Along with due diligence and vigilance in all your endeavors. If it sounds like hard work, it is if you are not doing it everyday. Easy if you are. Hard work ends in the magic of what you created. They are synonyms, Hard Work-Magic.

Greek: γνῶθι σαὐτόν = gnōthi seauton

So what has white skin suit man been up to?

We go to the ‘Dawn of Civilization’ – What a crock! The Greeks are the beginning of un-civilization – not civilized. The full mission of a Humanity wide acceptance of putting one Man’s will over another or aka Will over the Creator is founded in the ‘dawn of un-civilization’ or Greek times.

Even mentioning the phrase ‘Will over Creator’ in itself offers the mind to put it’s will over some personality named Creator.

The field of consciousness that powers and forms everything is also running throughout our minds and bodies. To give it a name like Creator or a gender as Male or Female is another attempt to put our Will over the Creator or more correctly, one man’s will over another.

from Usurping the god conscious – BLACKMYSTORY WEBLOG:

Once they saw how the people of Kimit approached the concept of “God”, and realizing how much superior those people were in everything, the Greeks sought to first learn at their feet, which was near impossible because they were viewed as unwashed savages, with learning disability. Failing to ascend the Djed of knowledge the illegal immigrants eventually supplanted the rulers, first through mixing their seed, and when that failed to achieve their objective, through conquest.

The Ptolemies are the white man’s attempt to become Ausar in the flesh. A man rising to that status, due to his immaculate life. Since they did not overstand the “God” conscious that every Afurakan culture overstood, the savages continued to believe or fantasize about man becoming “God” through conquest. A sister in a chat group recently raised the question of the white man uploading human consciousness into machines.

This is a theme that has played out since the early 1920s in hollyweird science fiction movies. It really became a big concept in the movie 2001 a space odyssey,  where  the computer called Hall had a human consciousness. Since then the white man has escalated his drive to marry machine and human consciousness, calling it android, where it became a science fiction jerk off fantasy and a continuation of him trying to supplant the “God” consciousness.

“God” is not a “man” or “woman”, which is a theme throughout European culture. “God” is a consciousness that can only be attained, not supplanted, through connecting with the cosmic energies. Energies that never ends or dies but only transforms. This consciousness is why Afurakan cultures can do remarkable things while in a trance. Things like levitate, stab themselves with machete, walk on and roll around in fire, etc., without harm

There is some great remarks in the blog link above, I want you to read it.

the count is 250,00 in US alone from 1854 to Popeye’s time. That is a lot of lost children! What was the real number? Was anyone there? Your great grands maybe?

Foundlings / Orphan Trains 1850s

Popeye ordered a mail order child in 1933 – a foundling. Foundlings populated Earth from the 1850s, where did these 100s of thousands on these orphan trains come from who went to farms and cities all across the Earth.

I feel I have a softer approach to this whole usurper thing.

We have fantastically and phantasmically separated ourselves as God into “want to be God Usurpers” (sometimes we boss others and sometimes they boss us). We cannot usurp ourselves. I cannot wrongfully seize (rapere) myself. I already have myself. I can declare my Soul as not owned by me, then I can be used, taken, exploited or usurped.

Are we Nano Sized Now after being Titans

We are in the times, where we can see as far out and back in time as can be seen and as far in and forward in time as can be seen. We are so ready for Now. We are literally (physically) Nano Nano sized in relation to previous Ages and we can see up close and microscopically with our Natural Eyes, what has happened and is continuing to occur here on Earth. Think Nanu Nanu!

Because of our incredibly small size / density, we can see things in hyper speed and super slow motion. We find ourselves landed at the most spectacular time (of Creation making events) in all the Realms. All entities including the Most High Consciousness are with our movements, conclusions and results.

If I can will over / usurp another person, however, I would: “Seize power from another, almost always by illegitimate means.” So I have the power to usurp another but not Myself. I can allow myself to be usurped.

Akashic Water Air – Where are the Records?

There are a lot of theories and conclusions above. I think it is too complicated to be correct. My answers will be simpler.

Myself and the Water keep a permanent record of all experiences and outcomes. Plotinus’ dynamic system whereby inferior substances emanate from superior ones is based on the antithetical processes of procession (proodos) and return (epistrophê). Their (Platonism) concentric map (trap) is to show metaphorically the expansion. It is correct in one perspective but for whatever reason we are not told about the Physical contraction. (We can deduce!) We know now because we accept it now, that each Age has had larger and more superior beings.

What does two sides of the same coin mean to the model?

Our journey from the best to the least and from outward to inward and from least to most and from Home to Outreaches has landed us here. We are two energies fused together at the back of our heads. Like two sides of the same coin. We carry Sympathetic Eternal Unity energy and Analyzing Breaking Separation energy.

Janus Janusian God and Effect on Humanity

Both fused at the back but, both can see what is happening all around them. This opposite facing energy is in every Human today. Our minds can focus on one or the other and males tend to lean with the memes as do females. Knowing you are equal in your energies and can focus your consciousness anywhere you want, can be a big deal for some people. These energies are manifested everywhere. Inside each person. In the stories we follow. The language we create. The sounds and tone as we utilize the language to help us demonstrate to each other – ‘where we are at’.

You see it in the colors we choose, the clothes we wear, the things we make, the people we listen to. We can ‘crack the code’ of all the confusion by watching those around us and behaving on their behalf. Our actions can show ourselves as an example of understanding. Our sounds we make can soothe and heal others. The tone of our speech. The words we choose and the order. Knowing hurtful catch phrases and avoiding them. Helping those who listen to us to learn about the sounds we make and how they shape our reality. This map will heal all.

Adjust the sounds that you make by learning all the tricks and beneficial uses of language and then start using it appropriately. We have these languages and we are mentally facing away from each other as a means to complete the Home/Outreach/Home mission of exploration. We can use our Mind/Mentality as we are ready, to literally un-use these back to back energies and together face each other and the same direction, forward..

Pick a (Language) Lane Gage! Avoid Languish

In day to day life this option is presented to you in yourself, in any pair you are part of and any group you are part of. Either side of the ‘two side of the same coin’ can unilaterally ‘get started’. By choosing within yourself, your pairings and your groups to change your tone of your speech and avoid all hurtful and incomplete language. To choose words carefully.

And above all, to learn to listen, put it into practice and become good enough at it that you are a reliable witness to it’s affect. Be a hero. Be For something.

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