Have you been to the Afterlife? Ask 4Xs NDE Survivor

4Xs NDE survivor talks demon possession, what it is and easy roads to recovery with the true meaning of Love.

What is After Life? What are Demons?

KD Lilith has a way with words. With her permission and with much love and respect, we share a post she recently made:

“First let me say this. Demon possession isn’t what we think. These are demons. Pride, greed, Unforgiveness, sloth, coveting, fighting, gossip, self pity,. They are not an entity that enters a persons body with a black demon suit and horns. Demons are an energy, belief, can even be Characteristics.

Not a ghost that will eat you alive… not in the sense many think if demons. How do I know this. Have had 4 NDE’s during cardiac arrest. Been to heaven. Saw God. Had life review and documented. We will never eradicate the ills of life and society by taking these out of us and saying some entity did it. Nope doesn’t work that way. It’s called personal responsibility.

How to Beat / Recovery from Demon Possession

Don’t want the demon of laziness? Go to the elderly lady and mow her lawn. Anonymously.

Don’t want the demon of greed? Go to grocery store. Get a few things. Go to check out. Find the person with the most groceries… stand behind them. When it comes time to pay… pull out your wallet. Pay for their groceries.

Don’t want to be jealous? Go to a nursing home and love an elderly person. You will not find jealousy. Only love.

If you don’t want yo be demon possessed…don’t act like a demon.

Don’t want the demon of selfishness… go to a nursing home. Adopt a person with no one. Shower them with love every day of the rest of their life. Listen to them tell you their life. Hold their hand. Talk to them. Draw them. Bring their favorite music and sit with them. Bring them to your home for holidays: shower them with love. Take them to dinner. Love them as you would the person you would give anything for one more chance…we always have one more chance to make someone’s life beautiful.

When you have your first child… take the baby to your new mom or dad or grandma or grandpa and let them hold their new grandbaby. Tell them a joke. Ask them about their art. Everyone does art we just don’t always look at it. If the person writes ask to read what they have written, if they sing ask them to sing for you.

When it is time for them to go home. Be there with them. Hold their hand. Help them go to God without fear. Feel God enter their room a moment too late.. while you lay on them for one more moment of love and laughter. Search their face. Imprint it on your soul. Hold them. Pray for them and everyday after that honor them by finding another to adopt who has no one.

Where is Believing in God Shown

If a person doesn’t believe in God. Show them God through your actions and words. Let them feel the peace of God as you sit with them outside in the cold. Buy them groceries for a month. Sit with them for an entire day as they tell you the same story over and over again…understanding the honor of their words. Sit with a homeless person for a week. Sleep with them on the streets. Read poetry to them. Buy them a bunch of warm socks and heavy strong boots. Buy them a warm coat, mittens and hat. Walk them to a restaurant for a meal. You pay for it. Look at them. People don’t look at the elderly or homeless or disabled. You bring them to life. If one doesn’t believe in God…. let them hold your baby… they will see God.

We as collective humanity must show God through our actions. When we see demonic possession, bring them to God by sharing your day with them. And we must stop “them” and “us”. Good versus bad. It’s not about that. It’s about love. Not what you get. What you give. This is the love. Allah has asked you to show people with no love or hope; what that looks like through you. And I am so proud to call you brother and sister but only through my love.”

Thank you KD for sharing the meaning of Love found in our intent and actions. My belief on demon is it is a word and decodable. De (Of) Mon (mine) or demon means ‘of mine’. I see it the same as monster – Mon (my) ster (stirring / friction / pressure) monster is ‘my friction’. Rockets do not fly without Air to push against.


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