100% Percent Explanation of Everything – Match-Ups

This page explains the code or frequency match-ups seen in all Human interactions and experiences. We will show that all are observed and captured by Humans to benefit or detriment their experience, once recognized, a person can mold them to their will. Else we ‘blow in the wind’.

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your hosts Nina Wolfgang & Kevin Gilbert

Wisdom Warriors

A long time committed couple, sharing Life and quests since 1986. Earning a living as entrepreneurs and searching for Life answers since 2009.
We have committed many thousands of hours to research, analysis and pattern resolution to answer most of the questions we ever had since we were children witnessing a confusing world with confused people.

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Everyone is Life and an individual experience, or the unknowable and the knowable.

(Note: All actions and reactions are manifesting or emanating from Natural match-ups. Match-ups are the in and out energy/frequency that is seen everywhere – it is ours to mold as we will)

A dialogue between Kevin and Nina (use audio link to read along with us)

  • Match-ups
  • Comfort Zones
  • Cults

Nin: We have discovered that everything is match-ups. Every experience we have in life and everywhere we look at natural life, we see match-ups.

Match-ups can be thought of as sounds, frequencies, vibrations, colors, shapes, smells, touch, tastes, sight, light and dark. All these things have match-ups and blends.

(Note: All actions and reactions are interpreted by the brain and mind – those actions and reactions are ours to mold as we will)

(Note: All that is understood by our senses is ‘rendered’ to us by our built-in, brain powered ‘projection room’ – it is ours to mold as we will)

k All of our senses reveal the match-ups coming to us from the external world. Our senses interpret these stimuli from the external world as electrical impulses. These impulses are interpreted by a network of conduits, buffers, filters, capacitors, and other stepping down changes to the stimuli before they reach the rear part of your brain.

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n This part of your brain acts as a giant processor and projection system. It projects the ‘rendering’ that you experience from your brain’s rendition of your senses.

k: The main viewer of the projection system part of your brain is the frontal lobe area, also known as the neo-cortex, where your experience ‘plays out’.

All this is possible through a complex and perfect network of functions provided by your body. It is a very beautiful example of match-ups that are observed and experienced.

n: There are countless examples throughout the human body and other complex life forms of this perfect symphony of functions and outcomes.

The aforementioned would be considered in most circles as physical aspects of the human condition, they would be correct. Then there are the other aspects such as where do thoughts reside, what is the mind and the group mind and what is the grand ‘life force’ and grand ‘life mind’ that pervades everything.

(Note: All solutions to all desires and manners of implementing them are contained in each Human’s ‘toolbox’ that we are all born with – it is ours to use and mold with as we will)

k Since the human being is provided with drawers and closets and cabinets full of tools that match-up to this task, it will be as simple as opening our drawers and closets and cabinets and retrieving our tools.

Another example, shown above, a human condition match-up, a man wants something, finds out where it is, goes and gets it. Match-ups.

(Note: Non-physical aspects can not be seen, touched or contained but observable and seen everywhere – it (non-physicality) is ours to mold as we will)

k The non-physical aspect has as many match-ups as the physical aspect of a human being. We can first observe non-physicality in the air. We don’t see the air but we know it is there. We can breathe the air. We can taste the air. We can feel the air on our skin. We know the air is there, we know it is not physical, we know we cannot see it, match-ups.

n The next place we can see something that we cannot see with our eyes is our thoughts and the results of them. When we laugh, the world laughs with us. Match-ups.

The next place to see the un-seeable is in the results of our deeds and actions. We all seem to know what the results will be beforehand. Match-ups.

This leads to relationships in acquaintances, friends, lovers, family, neighborhoods, large groups and enemies.
We all have a featured person or persons in these groups. Match-ups.

(Note: Thoughts match-up too. Match-ups are the in and out energy/frequency that is seen everywhere – thoughts are ours to mold as we will)

k The old saying ‘what goes around, comes around’ has never been more in our face than it is today. It is in every news story, every tv show, every song and even in our daily speech to each other.

These examples of match-ups are observable throughout your daily life, the human experience and nature. Nature always has her way and always achieves balance under any and all conditions because her ‘match-ups’ are designed to do so. As are we and our personal earth or our body.

(Note: Ancient gnosticism showed that the match-ups – aka truth – cannot be concealed or hidden without bringing more attention to it, the match-ups. The match-ups are the frequency and vibrations or ‘friction’ that is perfectly designed and completely ‘powers’ our worldly experience. These everywhere match-ups are ours to mold as we will)

n You will notice that eBay, Google and many others are showing you your fundamental color map today. The four colors they are showing you are blue, red, yellow and green. Each of these colors represent a major push / pull of the human experience.

(Note: Stacks of books and rows of prophets have issued the color arrangements of humans. Colors are manifestations of match-ups. Match-ups are the in and out energy/frequency that is seen everywhere – it is ours to mold as we will)

There have been over the ages many arrangements of color maps for the human and together they have become, in many minds, convoluted. Thanks to google and ebay we have been provided a short cut made for elementary students.

The blue is featured first or top to show you where you are first, it is your mental thinking. Blue represents the mental part of us.

The second color or bottom is red. Red is for below the belly button and relates to your stomach / taste, your waste headquarters and your sexual equipment / fantasies.

k It should not go unnoticed that the blue mental part of us is being extremely stimulated in these times by the unlimited information we have access to daily. While at the same time, our knowledge and technology has provided endless seduction to our endless fantasies. Making these 2 top and bottom energies, extremely powerful and almost forced, or at least, easily blended.

Red and blue blended makes purple. This will be covered more in the next topic.

n On to yellow and green. These 2 colors are infinitely more powerful and dynamic than anything the mind can come up with. The match-ups in this area are so many and unexplained that they can no longer be named.

(Note: Named things have been identified and can be known. Unnamed things are not and are unknowable. Both are part of match-ups. Match-ups are the in and out energy/frequency that is seen everywhere – it is ours to mold as we will)

k Named things belong in between red and blue and they have far less meaning (than affairs) between yellow and green. (Put) Enough named things in a person’s mind and it makes affairs of yellow and green energy and influence insignificant.

(Note: Green emanates from the Heart. Yellow from the Sun and both are part of the in and out energy/frequency that is seen everywhere – it is ours to mold as we will)

What is this green and yellow energy? The reason green was always mentioned last until now is because green is in the trunk of almost everyone’s life today. Match-ups.

n Green is the color and energy of the unknowable and the unexplained part. No one knows why it does what it does. It is unknowable as the air is un-seeable. Match-ups.

Yellow is the color of the sun and the provider of all life, Sustenance and Light. It is very mysterious. No one knows how it got there or how it does what it does. It is unknowable as the air is un-seeable.

(Note: Life and love are seen everywhere – it is ours to embrace and mold as we will)

k The reason there are so few words about green and yellow is to do them less injustice. Nameless things need less words.

n Matters of the heart are found between a man and a woman in a committed relationship and two friends in a committed relationship. Also in families, groups and animal / people relationships.

k Matters of the heart are not see-able and hardly explainable if you check the several millions of words written. Because they are about emotions and feelings which are not see-able. But all matters of the heart and their outcomes can be observed and disseminated.

(Note: All actions and reactions are match-ups. Our movements and responses determine the outcomes.

Match-ups are the in and out energy/frequency that is seen everywhere – it is ours to mold as we will)

All the relationships above are based on give and take of the other person’s ‘match-ups’. If the other persons match-ups are compatible with your match-ups then you will be able to match-up and have a successful give and take relationship. Or a balance.


(Note: Comfort bubbles make us feel safe and shielded from presumed unwanted discomforts. Once we narrow our focus toward this goal of comfort, we lose sight of the rest of our powers and can become an entity that is ‘blowing in the wind’

Once get lost this way, we are easily manipulated, exploited and in many cases ‘owned’ by other entities including each other! When we become lost we match-up to others who exploit lost people. These are match-ups. The match-ups are seen everywhere – they are ours to mold as we will)

n Over many millennia, humans have developed a great fondness for comfort and comforts. Everyone has a host of pictures and feelings to recall for these things. We are taught young and often to seek comfort. Corporations base their business models on convincing us we need to work harder to buy more comfort.

This non-stop force of corporations pushing and humans yielding has turned humans into a commodity of the corporations. We are no longer a life form to them, but instead a product or commodity. Another word for this could be dead.

k If we look around at the world today everyone’s movements are based on what the media and corporations say next. The match-up we are witnessing is a dynamic of weakened human beings being used as a commodity by a larger and more evil leaning group who seek stimulation over life.

The corporations along with the other corporations called governments have found that if they convince us to desire comfort and comforts over anything else and then fire equal amounts of positive and negative news and events our way, we will use it to maintain our desire to be comfortable first and foremost. Thereby surrendering any rewards we would get from discomfort or disconnecting from comfort.

n There is no reason to take directions from corporations other than in our weakened state and lost way we match-up well to them. Although we may believe we are comfortable in these times we all know much better.

So, the comfort zone bubble that we find ourselves in is a mental construct that is upheld by our minds and emotions being subjected to equal amounts of positive and negative stimuli provided by the corporations that we work so hard to keep in power.

k So as it turns out, when we discover this, we see the comfort zone bubble is no bargain. And we would be much better off taking a little more discomfort into our lives and disconnection from the people who call us puppies.

This all relates to match-ups and the four color map. The 4 color map represents your individual experience it is blended uniquely for every person. Together we blend our experiences of all that we have ever been. These unique experiences at the same time we can become a unique group experience.

n The individual experience is half of every human being. It is our own independent individual unique part. It is our way to match up to all of creation around us.

k The other half is called life and it is completely mysterious, un-nameable, un-describable and unknowable, but at the same time observable. This thing called life is found in all things that are alive and it is the same thing. It is equal in all living things. The human being has extra tools to interpret it all but that does not mean his way is the only way.

n So each human being is two parts, life and a unique experience. Within the unique experience we have our mind and the mind we share with others which can give us infinite answers but no solutions.

k Sometimes matters of the heart can only be settled with heart felt responses. Since we know the hearts workings are unknowable, then we have to give more power to the unknowable and the un-seeable. This all leads to a pure resolution of the matter.

(Note: When we face only one direction, the match-ups above us, below, to the sides and behind us may go unnoticed and thereby disregarded, the match-ups that affect our experience are happening 360 around us and within, the ones we regard and the ones we disregard – ALL MATCH-UPS are ours to notice, ignore and mold as we will)

n When we refer to only our red and our blue (energies) sides, we get plenty of answers and plenty of identifiers but no solutions. Solutions are always stated in the problem, but if both your red and your blue side demand to be satisfied (constantly), your yellow and green energies will be ignored.

When we recognize all four of our energies and seek balance with them and the creator of them, we will have the best life possible and find our true purpose.

  1. CULTS – (Note: Cult’s members are rigid in their thinking and will not sway from pre-set conclusions and actions.
    Allowing new thoughts and ideas or refusing them or opposing them are part of all the grand match-ups.
    The match-ups are seen everywhere – they are ours to mold as we will)

k Cults are very misunderstood. Most people picture jim jones or charlie manson and there are many more lesser known that people can remember. But these are not cults, these are cult leaders, there is a difference.

Cults contain a leader or an idea that is followed by a group of people. It becomes cult like when the cult member will not yield to ideas outside of their own, but instead blindly follow the leadership or the idea that is being followed.

n This type of behavior is found in many types of groups and even some industries. People tend to ‘club up’ in order, and in a misguided way, find their best life possible.
But, when you disregard others the best life possible is not possible. Match-ups.

Cult leaders are magnified by the media and colored by the media and almost always misunderstood by the media. The people that follow them all seem to be normal but have some level of loss-ness that the idea or cult leader fulfills.

In America we see many professions where the members become ‘club members’ and they have their own language and interpretations of ideas that they share and they basically regard human beings outside their club. We see this happen in households across the world in family after family, all in an effort to protect them and offer them, in a misguided way, the best life possible.

k All cults and cult members operate this way. Even you and I are most likely members of more than one cult.

The reason why these cults and all of the ‘cultification’ of the people of the world all has to do with match-ups and how we respond to them. When we focus on red and blue we loose recognition of yellow and green. Without yellow and green we can only be red blue and purple.

n Purple is the color of a bruise you might receive after a strong punch. Your blood comes along and cleans up the mess and restores you to perfection. Purple is supposed to be a temporary color it is not a color to live and thrive.
When we focus on red and blue we get purple royalty people eaters and all their agents.

k Since all stated problems state the solution, the solution has been stated.

(Note: All actions and reactions are manifesting or emanating from Nature’s match-ups. Match-ups are the in and out energy/frequency that is seen everywhere – it is ours to mold as we will)

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