How to “FIND” Intuition (eternal vs dual)

INSIDE: HUMAN SECRET not taught in school! — “Intuition” is very misunderstood – but there are millions of testimonies and witness that it is real and all powerful when tapped into and recognized. Whenever we are face to face and eye to eye with another – Intuition is drawn to the surface and becomes ‘known., relished and respected. Intuition is delivered to us from a place of “complete stillness”.

“alpha beta says so” – faux net, ic EMP

…personal study of what each letter means and the significance of the position in the
“standard keyboard” in relation to the journey of Humanity.

Re-Legion – I Am Legion – Religion

The “Hue in Human” is the many potentials of the color/light spectrum that we see and the part we do not see. We are also ‘hued’ in each of our other senses beyond the eyes. The ‘light waves’ affect all of our senses, skin, cellular structure, DNA fields and our thinking and outcomes. As JOEY BuyGinn says: “It is a Big FKNG Deal!”:

Ride 2Heaven on a Scalar Wave – Scalar!

VIEWER: “Someone explained to me it comes in the realization that logic itself is flawed and there are propositions that are both true and false at the same time. It just boils down to trying to be aware of your internal state as much as you can in meditation from my understanding.”

“N” Dings – “Peace be Still!” – thou art with me

End of the worlds come and go, some well documented, some not at all. “peace be still” was used by Jesus and AC from Magik. It can mean to stop seeking Peace until you understand the war you are in.

pole shift

POLE SHIFT, SCIENCE – sayonce/buybull vs RELIGION – bind “U” again/buybull

We live under Steen’s Mountain in SE Oh Ray Hon! (oregon). It is not really a mountain but it has a ton of anomalies on top of that – haha. It is least known for it’s most famous thing – it’s birth 42,000 years ago (timeline not verified). It has been determined through validated evidence that there was a rapid pole reversal on Earth taking a total of about two weeks to completely reverse the North and South magnetic points.

Hour “S”-undoing, A-GAIN? – ‘un-nu-un’

The Sun comes at us from the East and causes reactions across the elements in our two atmosphere, one mixed up to 50 miles and one layered above. The Sun pours energy toward the elements in the Air/Sky and they activate and animate and illuminate. Our Sky/Air is naturally tuned to ‘light up’.

mi-DNA Adopts Light & EMF’s to IL-Loomee

All “forms” of light and EMF are ‘WAVES’ or disturbances in the “Scalar’ wave function that pervades the entire Earth, the Cosmos and all living things. It is the mystery behind the ancient technique of communicating ‘Mind to Mind’ across any distance.

Tears vs Se-rat vs Sa-ter vs Re-Sa-T vs Sear-T

According to folk belief, witches are unable to shed tears. The origins of this belief may be found in the tears shed over the crucifixion of Christ and a statement by St. Bernard (1091–1153) that the tears of the humble could penetrate heaven and conquer the unconquerable. Therefore, the reasoning went, tears were an offense to the Devil, who would do whatever was necessary to prevent his witches from crying.


Equal Knocks “N” Ding – 2022 SCALAR equinox

You have always fought for your dreams alone, but here I am to support you and together fulfill and get where we want.
No matter what happened you will always have my support because I believe in you more than anyone.
You may not realize all your dreams, but never give up the RAGE/fight until the – “N” Ding.

grayscale photo of man and woman

Miss Scalar – “the Aether”? – All is Touching?

No worry, you cannot miss scalar, it is everywhere

Theoria Apophasis vs “Ka” Wheel

A perfect man has no self;
Spiritual man has no merit;
A Holy man has no fame

GEN-ISsISs vs “dJinn ISS 7ven” ~ Genesis = “7&”

On the QWERTY keyboard (qua ERR TY and queer-Tee) – the 7 and the (amp err sand)/& are in the same ‘KEY’ (resonance and frequency). The ‘ampersand’ is in the shape of a Figure “8” and a ‘Klein’ bottle. A closed loop with an entry point and an exit point. ‘They’ know it, you are finding out today. The reason ‘we’ here at Word Skill .buzz “see” these clues and validations of “Equal Measure” in all things is NOT BECAUSE WE ARE DELUDED!

monterey sunset

Say “TEN” MFKr! – “R” We Sovereign or Knot?

I mean, are we “AI” controlled or I-Am controlled, or are we controlled at all?
&-Is AI running away?

Sitting Bull

Who Owns Everything? ——- the “gods” — “the family” ——-

all the “gods” – kings and “devils” are part of a network of Trickster gods – actually members of our One Family. Their current motivations are to defile us and feed off of us.

Clowns to the Left – Jokers to the Right – Where I Am?

There is chapter after chapter, volume after volume, and entire libraries dedicated to manipulating human outcomes via manipulating their thoughts.

One World $ – “$OW4Cows” – Many swirled – SOLVED!

How Many Times ‘we’ve been told’

no harm, no judgment

Ka’Ba’al says ‘Sta-tic’ – 2 Kapow “U”

Our North and South world shows us the polar nature of Earth and Heart. We use East and West also for variety but the two major forces are pushing and pulling us In and Out in this world of density and illusions. This article carries news from the ‘Best’ and the ‘Worst’ – Polar Opposites. Good news first or skip down and come back up later, your call.


“U” have been ‘Morphed’ to be less ON

Phonetics and language have morphed over time,
not organically! Unless you meant Organic Cull-y!
-‘cally’ spells — “C” All “Y”


Ka’Ba’al “to be lured” No follow Rules: They No follow You

Some things going on do seem to not follow any rules anymore, like the lock downs in China, the starvation of people, the vaccines for kids, scientists telling us we now need to eat human flesh, or scientists claiming pedophilia is now normal. This seems way more bold, way more. Does this relate to how the people have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity? They are full of envy, murder, quarreling, deceit, and viciousness?

Roamin(G) Foolishness – Acts of “god”

“G” is the letter “C” with a crossbar in its middle.
The crossbar represents a nail, a rivet, a pen, an anvil, a lectern,
a desk, a drawing board and a tracing board

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