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The word occult is derived from the Latin word occultus meaning ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’. Occultism is defined as the study of the unknown and the paranormal, the forces that cannot be observed or measured through the usual means and logic. The various meanings of occult are:

pear peace

1st-Personal Peace 2nd-World Peace — Piece by Piece
List of basic foundation agreements

As we learn to be fair to ourselves, we become fair to others and then they become fair to us. Any One person can start this transmutation of themselves and others in “their world”.

feng shui map

Electricity = Elect Tri Cities = ‘on the table’ – Seek the Answer and the Answer will Seek You

1. We intend peace, agreements and harmony in our action, behavior and planning/policy decisions.
2. We intend to live peacefully with equal opportunity and respect for each other.
3. We intend to adjust our behavior to end the mental entrapment of the media and institutions (gov, mil, bank, media, education, corporatism, mis-guided beliefs, promoters of AI/NWO)
4. We intend to establish freedom of privately held purpose to each human being – logical, intuitive or both!
5. We intend to heal and provide assistance and support to every type of positive human relationship.


de-Webb your Blood – Grounding & a LemonThis article shows the ground and a lemon can transform your life. This article also decodes of the King of the World loyalists to compaction over at unlimitedhangout.com by darling of the Crusades (lineage proves it) Miss Whitney Webb, 32 years old. Living happily in Chile as an American ex-patriot. Current worth, just under 10 million. Those Webbs have it going on!

Hour “S”-undoing, A-GAIN? – ‘un-nu-un’

The Sun comes at us from the East and causes reactions across the elements in our two atmosphere, one mixed up to 50 miles and one layered above. The Sun pours energy toward the elements in the Air/Sky and they activate and animate and illuminate. Our Sky/Air is naturally tuned to ‘light up’.


What is Death – 7/12(19) amunra Game

Right now, over 11 trillion gigabytes of data exist, … with at least 2.5 million gigabytes more added each day. 

“S” Laughter is SLAUGHTER!- 50 yards or GOAL – Acorn vs A Korn

The Acorn is mysterious and has a ton of declarations attached to it. Summarily, it is considered a symbol of immortality and longevity but not Eternity or Pure Wisdom. It is part of a great Oak tree which stands tall and guards the land and provides harvest.

victor frankenstein trials travels

Hurri! -Bring my whipping- CANE They can blast evaporation jets into the storm to cut the hurricane into a pie, I show them how they do this on the west coast consistently to prolong the droughts when any inbound system is nearing West Coast. The news-casters are smirking, smiling and happy, talking nonsense to 2 million people with no electricity and literally drowning. These news-casters are hunting us like prey! Taunting us, begging us for a fight!

Morrison, Jim = “Ja-SoN” = ‘Doors’


What is Reliable Intel? What is Unreliable?

sex magic – HOLY CROWLEY – ID or IDea, Covet nine-teens

The Snake who had a lisp and made the sound “th”. The word ‘witch’ also makes the sound of “which” or CHOOSE! Your ‘Brains’ decide for you! Or not! Studies show that reptiles use different sound mechanisms, and they occur in various species. Most of these sounds are used to deter predators, not to attract prey.

Is truth always beautiful, clean? – I Have been told to —- STFU! —

Apple Eye — Today at 5:53 AM -IE, has anyone here ever read any article we ever wrote or is this all just a joke and a yoke?

The Actors – AC/13TOR – covet id 19

We had previously desired, millennia upon millennia ago to have an experience and expression of limitation.
We knew at the start, that many eras and grains of sand would come to be
before we remember again,
the meaning of ME

je – “S” – us

je – “S” – us

“je” – means I. In other meanings, “je” – means I.

An entity that stands above all spirits and living beings who defines hard work and miracles.

The one, the glorious, daughter of all and myths. Almighty, ABSOLUTE. The truth. Prime.

“us” is all of us or on personal view it is “U” mixed with s.

“S” is the Spin of Illusion that hides our true nature – the “X”

trash compactor 1971

Ken Wilbury vs Compaction vs Isis

A! stopped by to answer why
the Ken Wilbur guy has all facing the sky.
Is it to die. Is the quest for Why
Why oh why does this Wilbur-y guy,
have all the pie in the sky.
A! stopped by, to tell you why.
If you fail to listen inside you.
Wilbers glisten Wilbury you

“alpha beta says so” – faux net, ic EMP

…personal study of what each letter means and the significance of the position in the
“standard keyboard” in relation to the journey of Humanity.

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